On the Maidan set up the tents, the people warm themselves by the fires and are in no hurry to leave

The protesters on the Maidan in the capital began to erect tents near the stele of Independence.

According to «Interfax-Ukraine», currently the activists establish a large army tent on the tile near the monument. They drive mounting in tile, there are dozens of people who are watching.

According to available information, dressed in camouflage represent the Association called «Revolutionary right-wing forces».

Currently on the Maidan and the adjacent territory were hundreds of people who Saturday, February 20, came to honor the memory of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred.

On a makeshift stage on the steps of the stele of Independence continues the popular Assembly. Participants of the meeting actively discussed the political and social situation in the country.

Also among the activists, one can see people with tires from cars. In some places participants of the meeting put the tires one by one.

People keep warm by the fires, divorced in dumpsters.

After attempts to set up tents on Maidan, a scuffle broke out between activists and police officers.

As reported by UNN, citing the words of the activists, the police did not miss them with tents on the Maidan. Special forces steel abroad, activists in camouflage started to drive them away. The brawl lasted several minutes.

Security forces retreated and from commenting to the media refused. Activists chanting «shame!».

The journalist Oksana Denisova ‘s Twitter reported that unknown persons tried to carry the tents on the square, however, militiamen prevented them to do it.

«The brawl. In the crowd provocateurs», — she noted and added that one of them tried to start a fight and was hit on the head.

«At the scene of the scuffle continue to arrive law enforcement officers, the men in uniform also becomes more ordinary people», — stated in the message.

Later it became known that the conflict on the Maidan have been exhausted, and people in camouflage, according to them, going to the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada.

Earlier, the Association held a training camp in the hotel «Kozatskyi» located on the opposite side of Independence square. As reported ZN.UA several dozen people occupied the Assembly hall of the Metropolitan hotel on independence square and closed there.

Men in camouflage came into the auditorium and to outsiders there is not missed. In an interview with reporters, they identified themselves as members of the organization «Radical right-wing forces».

According to media reports, in the Assembly hall of the hotel they had a headquarters, and consult about their future actions and announcements of the organization.

After meeting the CPF has called their demands. They insist on the deployment of the tent camp, the conduct of the Assembly on 21 February, and the announcement of a General mobilization.

«The deployment of the tent camp and the organization of protests. The announcement of a General mobilization in Ukraine. Declare Veche 17:00 Sunday, 21 February 2016,» — said in the text of the decision.

The hotel is not locked, because the members of the CPF, standing at the entrance, letting residents of the hotel. At the same time while the press is not allowed. The organization of the «Radical right-wing forces» brings together representatives of several right-wing organizations, including former members of «Right sector» and division «Azov». Many members of the organization are participants in hostilities.

Previously, in many cities of Ukraine people came to the popular Assembly and marches to the memory of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred.

February 18, 2014 as a result of the «peace offensive» of the Maidan to the Parliament escalated a conflict between protesters and security forces. Street fighting the authorities used as a pretext for Stripping Khreschatyk and adjacent streets in the evening of the same day.

On 20 February there was another surge of violent confrontation. The power to suppress protest using snipers. The protesters also used weapons.

During the mass protests on independence square in Kiev on 18-20 February killed more than 100 people. Victims activists called the Heavenly hundred, and the events, called Euromaidan, ended with a change of government.

On the Maidan set up the tents, the people warm themselves by the fires and are in no hurry to leave 21.02.2016

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