On the Maidan demanded a fair investigation of the causes of the tragedy near Ilovaysk

In Kiev on Maidan rally with a demand to accelerate the investigation of causes of the tragedy near Ilovaysk, during which killed hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers. In the action on 1 February was attended by several dozen people, including fighters of the ATO, and the families of soldiers killed in Ilovaisk, writes UKRINFORM.

Head of the organization-participants of the ATO «Justice» Taras Kostaschuk noted that the repetition of the peaceful rally with the participation of Ilovaysky brotherhood due to the fact that the reaction of the authorities to the previous procession of ATO on January 18 was quite formal: they were informed only that the case «ilovaisky tragedy» was submitted to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

«We received an answer from the presidential administration that our complaints and the desire to understand was sent to the General Prosecutor’s office. The reaction of the authorities was over. Actually it was evasion, and the government does not respond to our appeals,» said Kostenuk.

The action participants honored the memory of those who died in Ilovaisk moment of silence and marched in front of the presidential administration of Ukraine. According to Kostenuk, the peaceful character of the demonstration was to show «that we are disciplined that we are conscious citizens of this country.»

He recalled that, according to some estimates, during the release of ATO forces from the environment under Ilovaiskaya enemy fire killed about 600 soldiers and volunteers.

As previously reported, during the previous peaceful protest on 18 January 2016 members of military-Patriotic associations of participants of ATO «Justice» required the court over the guilty in the tragedy near Ilovaysk and fair investigation of the cause of death of military transport aircraft Il-76 shot down by separatists near Lugansk. Their demands the protesters then handed over to the representative of presidential administration of Ukraine.

«Ilovaisky boiler» has become one of the most horrific battles for the Ukrainian army in the war in the Donbass.

As reported, in late August 2014 after a fierce battle, the soldiers of ATO forces were surrounded under Ilovaisk in the Donetsk region.

Russian military shelled the corridor, which by agreement had to go Ukrainian fighters.

The Ukrainian military suffered heavy losses. According to official data, killing 366 of the Ukrainian military, 249 wounded, and 128 taken prisoner and 158 missing.

In addition, the ATO forces during the fighting near Ilovaisk lost military equipment by almost 300 million USD.

According to information from the military Prosecutor’s office, the total number of fighters and Russian troops during the fighting near Ilovaisk exceeded 16 thousand people.

On August 14, the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that the investigation of the tragedy near Ilovaysk and identify those responsible need a few more months to get an overall assessment of the theater of operations in the period June — beginning of September 2014.

On the Maidan demanded a fair investigation of the causes of the tragedy near Ilovaysk 01.02.2016

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