On the Maidan began a three-day «Petal parade» the memory of heroes. Poroshenko was awarded the «evromaydanovtsev»

On the capital’s independence square near the stele of Independence on the evening of 18 February, activists began a three-day rally in memory of heroes who died in Kiev on 18-20 February 2014, when occurred the most tragic, bloody events in the history of independent Ukraine. This reminded, speaking on the Maidan, the representative of the Public Union «the Will of the Community» Sergey Twig, writes UKRINFORM.

Poroshenko awarded Euromaidan activists

«We are gathered to honor the memory of heroes who died in from 18 to 20 February 2014. We will hold marches, covering petals as a symbol of remembrance, a symbol of blood — the ground exactly where the blood was shed «maydanovets». We recall that two years ago people gave their lives so that Ukraine was a country of free and dignified people,» he said.

A moment of silence honored memory of heroes of Heavenly hundred. Here remembered the names of those who died in Kiev 18 February 2014. So it will be tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow activists will read the names of «maydanovets», February 19 and 20, two years ago, died in Kiev at the hands of police, «berkutovets», «aunts».

«These three days, starting from 18 February, is the most iconic. On that bloody Tuesday was broken up a peaceful protest near the Verkhovna Rada. Despite the fact that were closed to the metro station in the center of Kiev, burned the House of trade unions, the police took the Ukrainian house, the interior Ministry announced the sweep of the Maidan, people went to the 16 hours they have been here 20 thousand to 22-m – 25 thousand. Ukrainians proved that to protect the dignity and freedom they will be despite all. Then was born a new society of true patriots», — said the activist, artistic Director of the teacher-student associations «Theatre of words» Julia Cold.

Memories at open MIC shared by the participants and eyewitnesses of the events on the Maidan.

«On February 18, 2014 was a tragic day, but it was one of the happiest days in my life. This day ended in victory, but ended in defeat. Most of all this day was remembered to me by the demonstration of our strength in the morning. Had mild anxiety, but we had a lot. When we lined up here at the Institute, a column – start its was near the House of officers» – said, in particular, the participant of Maidan Alexander Infantry.

And he added that he considers: Heavenly hundred – the number is symbolic, because actually died in those events on the Maidan more than one hundred, and much more.

And late in the evening, after a theatrical production of «the Maidan is the cradle of the New Humanity», held at the stele of Independence, and began petal parade memory. From here it can go on 19 and 20 February. Yesterday its participants Instytutska street went to the Mariinsky Park, today — goes on the Grushevsky street, and on the 20th of February to St. Michael’s Cathedral. But everytime get back to the Maidan. Activists invite all to join.

The organizers – the Public Union «the Will of the community» and Public organization «Freedom».

Recall that this action has already passed last year in these days. Organizers also honored the memory of those killed on 18 November — the first day out of people on peaceful protest on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and also on January 22, the day of death.

We will remind, during the revolution of Dignity over a hundred people were killed by bullets, beatings, or retreated into the eternity later on obtained on the Maidan wounds. They were called Heroes of the Heavenly hundred. Memorial Day of Heroes of Heavenly hundred established by the decree of the President of Ukraine. Also created the Memorial complex of Heroes of the Heavenly hundred — the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity.

Continues the project of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory «Maidan: an oral history» to collect video and audiofidelity Euromaidan activists about the events of the winter 2013-2014. Among more than 500 interviews of the most eloquent published a book «the Maidan from the first person. 45 stories of the Revolution of Dignity».

Poroshenko awarded Euromaidan activists

President Petro Poroshenko has awarded Euromaidan activists injured during the revolution of Dignity. High state awards from hands of the head of state received 16 activists. Just to the anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity with high state awards for upholding the European choice of Ukraine, courage and patriotism was awarded 90 Euromaidan activists, the press service of the President.

«Ukraine has paid a high price for their European choice. For each of us the Revolution of Dignity is the most important, brightest and possibly the most tragic part of our lives. 18-20 February — the most complex of its period, but, at the same time, it was our determination and belief that we will build a fair European country. I want to thank each of you for that feat, for the great sacrifice in those days,» he said.

The participants of the meeting honored the memory of all the dead Ukrainians with a moment of silence.

Among the winners were Taras Balchuk with Rivne. In the night of 29 to 30 November 2013, when the riot police beat the activists, Taras was among the victims. With bare hands, he protected the students. In the morning, for his life, fought the ambulance. February 18, 2014 Belchuk was among peaceful protesters, went to picket the Verkhovna Rada. Opposite the Park they were surrounded by «Berkut» and cruelly beat with sticks. With Taras ripped off his helmet and started beating me on the head. He received serious injuries.

The order «For courage» was awarded to Eugene Garagulya from the city of Zaporozhye, which since December 2013 participated actively in the Revolution of Dignity. In the night of 18 to 19 February 2014 together with the sister held the barricades on the Maidan near the trade Union House. During the transition from the square on Mykhailivska square activists were attacked by an armed group of thugs in the amount of 70-100 people. Eugene received a gunshot wound, he was captured and tortured by «titushky». Was treated in Ukraine and in Germany.

From Kiev Olesya Zhukovskaya was awarded the order «For courage». Since the end of December 2013, she was on Maidan, was on duty, was carrying medication, took patients in the building Kievskogo of the city Council.

«I die,» the message wrote on the social network Zhukovskaya, when February 20, 2014 sniper hit her in the neck. By miracle remained is live.

Among awarded the order «For courage» — and Baby Oleg from Kiev. Before the events on Maidan worked as a designer. He participated in all events of the Revolution of Dignity involved in the supply of drugs, built and defended the barricades. 18 February 2014 helped pull the wounded from under fire. He was seriously wounded — he lost his sight.

The order «For courage» was awarded to Pavel Sidorenko, Kiev. Trying to film illegal actions of the riot police, being in the forefront of the protesters near the stadium «Dynamo» has received 4 rubber bullets in the face. One of the bullets injured his eye. Now the activist — coordinator of the Initiative group of victims on the Maidan.

Recall, February 18, the Verkhovna Rada appointed payments to people injured due to the actions of police officers during the protests on Independence square in Kiev in the winter of 2014.

On the Maidan began a three-day «Petal parade» the memory of heroes. Poroshenko was awarded the «evromaydanovtsev» 19.02.2016

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