On the highway Kyiv-Chop caught the truck with the Lviv garbage

For Wednesday, January 18, in Kiev — Chop highway patrol police stopped five trucks that were transporting the Lviv garbage. About this UKRINFORM reported in the press-officer of patrol police of the city of Zhitomir Dean Korchevna.

In particular, according to her, on 128 km of highway Kyiv-Chop for a traffic violation, the crew of the patrol police stopped two trucks that were moving one after the other in the direction of Kiev.

«Checking the drivers documents, the patrol found signs of fraud in bills of lading: not specified series, and the cargo generally appeared as secondary raw materials», — said the press officer.

According to her, examining the contents of the container, the patrol discovered that all was not secondary raw materials and household waste.

«Investigators made an inspection of site and relevant materials according to article 48 of the law of Ukraine «On automobile transport» on the inconsistency of filling in the bill of lading. The sanction of this article prescribes a fine of 1700 UAH. The patrol police accompanied to the border with the Kyiv oblast, where they were further accompanied by the Kiev police. Ie, our objective was to these cars, accompany of Zhytomyr region, to prevent the dumping of garbage in surrounding towns,» added Korchevnaya.

A similar situation occurred at the checkpoint «N.» where the patrol Zhytomyr stopped another car DAF.

«The documents this driver as a point of departure also indicated the city of Lviv, and the place of shipment in the Dnipropetrovsk region, but specified a different carrier.

After lunch, the patrol stopped on the highway Kyiv-Chop two trucks with garbage.

«During the day it was discovered five trucks with Lviv rooms whose drivers have confirmed that is the inhabitants of the city, and did not deny that transport the garbage. However, from detailed comments has refused. As not agreed to the proposal of the patrol to take a picture of the place of shipment of waste, when doberutsya to the destination, and send a patrol appropriate fotoportrety. According to the documents, they carried garbage in the Dnipropetrovsk region,» — said Korchevnaya.

According to her, the patrol police Dnipro have confirmed that they know about these trucks that supposedly sent the shipment in Dnipropetrovsk oblast, however, said that know about the facts of the dumping of garbage in other areas.

Recall that on the morning of 17 January at the patrol post «zvyagel» in the Zhytomyr region, the police stopped the truck DAF with Lviv debris.

Previously, the city of Lviv said that the situation with garbage removal in the city became critical.

On the highway Kyiv-Chop caught the truck with the Lviv garbage 19.01.2017

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