On the first of the year meeting, the EP will choose new leadership: the favorites of the «populist» Sochi

The first in the new year, the plenary of the European Parliament will elect the new leadership. Favorite for the post of President of the European Parliament is the representative of the group of European populists, a former European Commissioner, Italian Antonio Sochi (Antonio Tajani).

In addition to the President, the deputies will appoint the Vice presidents and the heads of parliamentary committees. The plenary session will be held from 16 to 19 January in Strasbourg, said to UNIAN.

Sochi in 2014 was elected Vice-President of the EP, and before that held the position of Vice-President of the European Commission: in 2008-2010 he was responsible for questions of transport, and in 2010-2014 for industry and entrepreneurship. The candidacy of Sochi has already caused sharp criticism from the socialist group.

In particular, Vice-President of the group , Tanja Fajon (Tanja Fajon) said: «Dear sir Sochi, in an interview you said that You want to be the President of Parliament, who are fighting for values, but, dear sir Sochi, what values do you mean? The same values that have Berlusconi and Orban? Value distribution, slick deals, not solidarity, transparency and a shared European approach? This is not the direction in which Europe ought to follow. The last thing require democratic institutions of the EU, is a bad model Berlusconi.»

In turn, the socialists nominated for President of the EP group leader of the Italian Gianni Pittella (Jianni Pittella), which is known, among other things, that advocated the restoration of relations with Russia.

The group of European conservatives and reformists put forward a presidential candidate, his Vice President Stevens Helga (Helga Stevens), the group of the Alliance of liberals and Democrats group leader , guy Verhofstadt (Guy Verhofstadt), group of the European United left/Nordic green left MP from Italy Forenza Eleonora (Eleonora Forenza), a group of Green MP from the UK gene Lambert (Jean Lambert).

Are also selected 14 Vice-presidents of the EP.

The President of the European Parliament is elected for a two-and-a-half years — half the term of Parliament. The current Parliament was elected on 22-25 may 2014 and consists of 751 deputies from the 28 member countries of the EU.

Now the EP President is the representative of the socialists, the German Martin Schulz, who has said that he will not nominate his candidacy for a second term and intends to return to Germany to take part in the next parliamentary elections, which will be held in September this year.

On the first of the year meeting, the EP will choose new leadership: the favorites of the «populist» Sochi 05.01.2017

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