On the border with Crimea fully resumed decal auto

The Russian control service, located in the territory of the Crimea, opposite the Ukrainian KVV «Chongar» and «Kalanchak», has completely renewed the pass for all vehicles. About it reports Public border service of Ukraine.

On 24 February, according to information of Ukrainian citizens who crossed adminpraise with annexed Crimea, the Russian services which are on the Peninsula, failed customs electronic data system.

Because of this, opposite the Ukrainian checkpoint «Chongar» and «Kalanchak» didn’t miss a vehicle registered on mainland Ukraine.

On Wednesday evening the Russian side has resumed the transit of vehicles at the checkpoint «Chongar».

Earlier also it was reported that Russia and Ukraine by mutual agreement from February 25 to resume cargo transportation, including transit through their territories.

On the border with Crimea fully resumed decal auto 25.02.2016

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