On suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack in Ankara detained four people

In the Turkish province of Sanliurfa detained four people on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack in Ankara, according to March 14, 2016 AA with reference to sources in the security forces.

In the anti-terrorism Department police Department Sanliurfa found that a car exploded yesterday in the capital by terrorists, was acquired in Urfa.

Following this, the police organized an operation in the area of «Cumhuriyet» and detained four people.

Detainees have already been questioned at the Regional police office and the completion of legal procedures will be sent to Ankara.

The Turkish authorities promised to announce today the names of the organizers of the terrorist attack. This has not happened yet. We only know that the investigation found that blasting the car Packed with explosives, made by two people — a man and a woman, according to Cumhuriyet.

Reuters citing a source in the Turkish government reports that, according to reports, the woman terrorist was a member of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK). She was born in 1992 in the Turkish city of Kars and joined the rebels in 2013, said the source. «Interfax-Ukraine» cites the name of the alleged suicide: Seher Çağla Demir.

The TV channel HaberTurk reports that the car that was used in the attack, was stolen on January 10,. Car, a BMW was stolen from an elderly woman in the city of Sanliurfa. On the same day it was brought to Diyarbakir. In Ankara, the vehicle allegedly moved on 26 February.

We will remind, explosion has thundered on the night before the bus stop on Ataturk Avenue in Kizilay. This place is near to square güven Park in the heart of the Turkish capital.

The number of victims has reached 37. At the same time, the number of wounded in the attack in the Kizilay area is 71 people, the condition of 15 of them is assessed as severe.

This is not the first powerful attack with numerous casualties in the major cities of Turkey, whose number has considerably increased after the accession of this country to the international anti-terrorist operations in neighboring Syria. On 17 February, the attackers detonated explosive loaded car exploded near the kızılay square (Ankara), where the building of Parliament, several ministries and the General staff of the Turkish armed forces. Killed 28 people.

Responsibility for what happened took over the terrorist organization «freedom Hawks of Kurdistan» (Kürdistan Özgürlük Şahinleri).

On suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack in Ankara detained four people 14.03.2016

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