On suspicion in execution of the mobile group under the Happiness arrested another soldier of the 92nd POM

The military Prosecutor’s office of ATO forces on Sunday, 14 February, was detained demobilized fighters of a reconnaissance company of Pavel Dolzhenko with the Callsign «Crimea» on suspicion of the shooting of the consolidated mobile group in the so-called grey zone of being happy. About it reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«He is charged with suspicion under part 2 of article 115 (premeditated murder with aggravating circumstances). Today should be a court session on election of a measure of restraint,» said the colleague Dolzhenko, lawyer Leonid Maslov Sunday, February 14.

According to him, the suspect put forward by Dolzhenko fully coincides with what was charged on Friday, February 12, demobilizovanniy another scout 92nd POM Alexandru Svidro.

«The only difference is that «Snake» had been interrogated and put through a polygraph without a lawyer. The «Crimea» the lawyer was. On the basis of the means at my disposal of materials, all suspicion of him and «Snake» are based on the fact that ‘ 92 team except for them nobody else could do. 100% of the guys alibi at the time of the explosion, the result explains that they set up mines in advance (between five and six am), returned to the company and pretended to sleep. And blew up the mines someone else,» — said Maslov.

«To the question, how did they know the route kept mobile team Andrew (volunteer Andrew Galushchenko), all of which concealed and none of the plans were not divided, the consequence of the answers: they are scouts and need to know everything» — said the lawyer.

He also reported that on 15 February for questioning by the military Prosecutor’s office of ATO forces in Kramatorsk caused 3 more scout 92nd OMB, who now serve.

On 2 September near Happiness of the Luhansk region was shot joint mobile group, two people were killed a volunteer and fiscal service employee, four people were injured.

The head of Lugansk regional military-civil administration Georgy Tuka said that the execution of the joint mobile group of one of the involved military personnel of Ukrainian units, which cover the smuggling of goods across the line of demarcation in this area, in particular the 92nd POM. The Director of the Department of communication at the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko reported that the mobile group near the Happiness blew up from the ambush, and stressed that the attack may have had «one of their own.»

The commander of the 92nd OMB Victor nikolyuk has rejected accusations against the team, claiming that she intentionally spoil the reputation, but the customer names are not being released until the investigation is underway. According to him, the smear campaign has several objectives: to break the army with the civilian patriots, to reduce the level of mutual assistance, but also to break the consolidation of efforts of volunteers.

On suspicion in execution of the mobile group under the Happiness arrested another soldier of the 92nd POM 15.02.2016

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