On screens of cinemas leaves Ukrainian war drama «Prisoner»

On 4 February the Ukrainian cinema screens comes the hard film of Ukrainian Director Anatoly Mateshko.

«Captum» (lat. — captured) is a film about modern Ukrainian reality that is scarier than the Hollywood stories, reports Gazeta.ua.

«War reveals the true essence of man, and the prisoner turns him into a cornered animal. History of 12 prisoners and two guards, who from physical destruction their prisoners having a game with stakes. The action takes place during one day, the time between life and death. In the story, the woman goes to release her son, but she falls into captivity, from which there is no escape», — stated in the material.

The main roles in the band sing Vladimir Goryansky, Larisa Rusnak, Dmitry Surzhikov, Ostap Stupka.

Previously, the film «Captive» was shown at the 68th Cannes film festival out of competition. As he told the producer Anton Sladkevich, first the French said that it is necessary to indicate the place of military conflict. So, in the movie only implied that the events take place in the area of the ATO. «But we wouldn’t want such a binding. Our film is, rather, a parable about the war, about what metamorphoses occur with people in inhumane conditions. And then wrapped a picture of one of the members of the jury Italian Isabella Rossellini, because it does not like hard movie.»

On screens of cinemas leaves Ukrainian war drama «Prisoner» 03.02.2016

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