On Odeschin pass doctrines of the Navy of the APU

The soldiers of the various military units and services of naval forces of VSU, including ships and naval aviation, launched live firing in the South of Ukraine.

This reports the press center of the Navy command of the APU.

«In the North-Western part of the Black sea, in particular in the Odessa and Nikolaev areas, continue exercises forces and Military-naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine. The exercises involved ships, boats and vessels, aircrafts of naval aviation, auto and armored vehicles,» — said the sailors.

Ships conducted tactical exercises on the organization of universal defense of the ship (ship), destroy surface targets, the isolation of the sea, performed artillery fire.

The participants of the maneuvers fulfill the task of strengthening the protection of the state border in threatened directions, as well as important public facilities, taking control of the main transport communications, ensuring protivorazgonnoy defense and the like.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has strengthened the defense of the coast of the Black and Azov seas.

On Odeschin pass doctrines of the Navy of the APU 29.01.2017

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