On nyneshnih local elections was less «black PR» and competition of candidates — CVU

The Committee of voters of Ukraine recorded a decrease of competition between candidates to deputies of local councils in the constituencies and the reduction of «black PR» in the current local elections.

About it the General Director of the Committee of voters of Ukraine Oleksiy Koshel said today during a press conference in UNIAN.

«Despite the imperfection of the law about elections, we got quite a positive tendency is the reduction of competition in electoral districts. If the majoritarian component in the electoral district candidate competed with each other and put a lot of effort to get at least one vote more, during this election, the competition has shifted more in the party lists. That is, the applicant does not need to dial just the majority, and need to gain high rates in order to get into the list. This led to the fact that in this election we saw in the constituencies the reduction of the level of competition, and therefore, in fact, minimization of the mechanisms of «black PR». All the «black technology» that took place, – the problem of majoritarian component, the problem of the mayoral elections. In the constituencies the problem of «black PR» during the election process was in fact minimized,» said Koshel.

In his words, «black PR» is actually passed to a constructive level.

«For the first time in the long history of election observation, we saw, in fact, the transformation of «black PR» in a more constructive plane. If 10 years ago, «black PR» – the promulgation, first of all, libelous information, for the first time in this election we saw a huge wave of so-called «black PR», which actually was a way of informing about the actions of its opponents», — said General Director of the CVU.

Koshel also said that the amendments in the new electoral law during the current local elections campaign observed a partial reduction of the mechanisms of vote buying.

According to a Purse, also the new election law was the impetus for the development of the party system.

«In fact, the legislature has forced the parties to develop their organizations to look for new faces among women, to look for new activists to get the results of the elections,» he added.

Recall that local elections will be held on Sunday, October 25.

On 14 July, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the new law on local elections should be by proportional representation, rural councils — by the majority system. The law excludes the participation of political blocs.

Elections are not held in the annexed Crimea and the Ukrainian authorities uncontrolled part of Donbass.

On nyneshnih local elections was less «black PR» and competition of candidates — CVU 23.10.2015

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