On mount Athos the Ukrainian pilgrims showed the cell of the venerable Paisius the Athonite

On mount Athos pilgrims from Ukraine showed the cell of the venerable paisija Athos.

In the framework of the pilgrimage to the Holy mountain, organized by the charitable Foundation «the Orthodox heritage of Ukraine on Mount Athos», the participants saw cell known Athonite elder almost in the form in which it was in his lifetime, told the Foundation.

«Many times I had been to mount Athos, but this time our group first visited the cell in Panagouda, where he asceticised the monk paisios Swagger. At the entrance – delight, the same arhontariki under the open sky, the same kaliva – all the same, as I read in his life. When he knocks on the door, feeling that now will be released elder paisios with a smile and affectionately say, «Kalimera». Emotions overflow. The monk there for over 20 years, but mentally he is with us», — said the founder of the Fund Dmytro Vorona.

As noted by the organizers of the trip, «the pilgrims who come to the house of the monk, can see stasidia, where he prayed the old man. Next to it are icons of the Savior, the virgin and the saints, who were the monk Paisii. They were all written by his own descriptions».

In the cell, a 20-minute walk from the capital of the Holy mountain, in the area Panagoda, the monk settled after 1979 as a monk, of the koutloumousiou monastery, which belonged to this cell, and lived there for several decades.

«Panagouda was running the hut, and elder paisios a lot of work to make it habitable in accordance with their ascetic requirements. There he was visited by lots of people: people was so much that I had to set the markings leading to his cell, so people are not distracted by other monks», — stated in the message.

Now in a cell live two monks are the keepers of memory of venerable Paisius the Athonite.

We will remind that in June of this year on mount Athos near the monastery of Pantokrator, a group of researchers of BF «the Orthodox heritage of Ukraine on Mount Athos» was discovered a tomb of the XVII century, where he became a monk of the famous Ukrainian, the monk Paisius Velichkovsky.

Saint Paisius Velichkovsky is a native of Poltava, Orthodox elder, an ascetic, a Saint, a service which was held in Ukraine, on Athos and in Moldova. Velichkovsky also known as the translator of the works of the Holy fathers of the Greek language, in particular, he translated into Church Slavonic dobrotolyubie — a collection of spiritual works by Orthodox authors from the fourth to fifteenth centuries.

On mount Athos the Ukrainian pilgrims showed the cell of the venerable Paisius the Athonite 25.11.2016

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