On mount Athos more than a thousand pilgrims took part in the 22-hour service in honor of the Archangel Michael

On Mount Athos in the monastery of the Archangels — Gohier, who today celebrates the feast day in honor of the Archangel Michael and the other bodiless powers of Heaven, held a vigil that lasted over 22 hours.

According to «the Orthodox heritage of Ukraine on Mount Athos», the service began on 20 November at 16.00 and lasted with few interruptions for more than 22 hours to 14.15 today.

Worship in Dohihara was headed by the Governor of the Kiev Trinity ioninsky monastery, Bishop Jonah of Obukhov. The archdeacon was from Ukraine — father Alexander Pliska. The service was attended by thousands of pilgrims from Ukraine, Greece, Russia and other countries.

«The service was done in Greek. At 16.00 started small Compline. Morning at 23.30. About 3 o’clock in the morning began the reading of the akathist to the Archangel. After the Liturgy, a procession took place. The service ended at 14.15, lasted for almost a day,» said one of the pilgrims.

Dochiar founded in the tenth century, occupies the tenth place in the hierarchy of the monasteries of mount Athos. The monastery has about 40 monks.


Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael — Archangel in Christianity, Judaism. Islamic tradition took in the 7th century, the image of Michael with the Jewish and Christian traditions. As Archangel troops of the Lord is the patron Saint of the military.

A day honoring the Archangel in the Orthodox Church is 8 (21) November, and in the Catholic Church on September 29.

The Archangel Michael is considered to be one of the patrons of Ukraine, the Israeli people, the Germans, and the cities of Kyiv, Procida (Italy), Sibenik (Croatia), Velikiy Novgorod (Russia), Brussels (Belgium), Alghero (Sardinia, Italy).

The Archangel Michael, considered the patron of soldiers, police officers, mariners, grocers, paratroopers, the sick, and meteorologists, radiologists, engravers and cutters, fencers, grinder and jewelers. His patron, the Archangel Michael, considered by various organizations, including the Union of Ukrainian Youth (SUM).

On mount Athos more than a thousand pilgrims took part in the 22-hour service in honor of the Archangel Michael 22.11.2016

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