On Khortitsa found the complex religious rites 3,500 years old

In Zaporozhye on the territory of the National reserve «Khortitsa Island», archaeologists have discovered complex to implement religious rites with stone bookmarks and religious items of the period of bronze age — II thousand to n. e

As told UKRINFORM in the reserve, cult ritual structure was found near the Old bed of the Dnieper about two weeks ago.

«At carrying out of landscape works for the improvement of the reserve staff has found an unusual design. Initial examination of the fragments showed that they are a part of a building of the period of bronze. So, despite the cold weather, there were started excavations, and today is already the first results: it is possible to say that on the Khortitsa island discovered religious building, obviously, carcass culture», — said in the National reserve.

According to the official information of the reserve, the detected object «is a complex of stone tabs, of different sizes and shapes, with moulded kitchenware carcass culture, in the pits beneath them».

«According to preliminary research results, the facility was built about 3500 years ago to conduct religious rites,» according to the official information of the National reserve «Khortitsa Island».

Srubny culture — archaeological culture of the bronze age steppe and forest-steppe belt of Eastern Europe (mainly between the rivers Dnieper and the Urals). Dated from the XVI century or XVIII-XII century BC

As reported, in the summer of 2015 on the Khortitsa island archaeologists have discovered a unique complex period, the pit culture, with the burial of men — the priest, perhaps the leader, of the age of about 4 thousand 300 years.

On Khortitsa found the complex religious rites 3,500 years old 30.11.2016

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