On «inter» disown Stolyarova: responsible contractor «NIS»

Production editor of the program «Details weeks» Mary carpenter is an employee of the company «National information systems» («NIS») and never worked on the TV channel «inter», according to a statement released by the press service of the TV channel on Tuesday, February 23.

«The TV channel «inter» outraged by the incident in a live broadcast of the program «Details weeks» of February 21, 2016. The channel said that has nothing to do with the production of this program. This program, like all the information on the product, aired by the TV channel «inter», manufactured by «National information system», — explained in published a press-service of the TV channel statement.

The article notes that the agreement between the TV channel «inter» and «NIS» stipulates that the channel is not related to the production, definition and planning of topics and is not responsible for the content of «Black mirror», «news», «Details», «Details of week». In addition, under the agreement, NIS independent and in implementing personnel policy. The NIS in its sole discretion and without the consent of the TV channel «inter» carries out selection of presenters, editors, correspondents, other creative and technical staff for all programs that it produces.

«Accordingly, we state that the managing editor of the program «Details weeks» Mary carpenter is an employee of the company «NIS» and never worked on the TV channel «inter». And the TV station cannot be held responsible for the actions of persons who are not its employees,» the statement said.

On the TV channel also noted that, in accordance with the contract, NIS independently and fully responsible for compliance with established programs common quality standards and the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

«In turn, the TV channel «inter» considers unacceptable the fact that broadcasted obscene language. And lays full responsibility for what happened to LLC «NIS», because the technology of live broadcast does not allow the channel operational technical possibilities to eliminate the mistakes of software manufacturers,» — said the press service of the channel said, adding that appealed to LLC «NIS» with the claim requirement of the clarification of the incident and guarantee that such will not happen again in the air.

As reported, the carpenter, who is a citizen of the Russian Federation, roughly spoke during the Sunday program «Details weeks» of the fallen heroes of Heavenly hundred.

In addition, Facebook has long been spreading a photo of the carpenter depicted in the company of representatives of illegal armed groups «DNR», called «the polite force» and «favorite guys».

In the security Service of Ukraine has stated that they intend to examine the statements Stolyarova and relevant information in social networks.

In addition, the national Council on television and radio will announce the appointment of unscheduled audit to the TV channel «inter», which also will be considered in the story of the Heavenly hundred, at the meeting on 25 February.

According to data of the state register, the main owner of OOO «NIS» with a share of 99.97% of LLC «Ukrainian media project», 0,03% owned by the company «inter Media group limited» and the ultimate beneficiary is listed as Dmitry Firtash.

Net income NIS in 2014 increased by 16.2% to 105,12 million UAH, net loss – in 65.7 times, to 12,34 million. The first half of 2015 the company has worked with net profit of UAH is 6.51 million in net income 79,53 million.

On «inter» disown Stolyarova: responsible contractor «NIS» 24.02.2016

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