On Donbass on KPVV set the camcorder

The government on Wednesday, January 11, approved the plan of measures on realization of state policy in respect of the occupied part of Donbass. The document was adopted without submission to the Cabinet meeting, however, the Agency «Ukrainian news» acquainted with the document.

One provision provides that during the first quarter of 2017 checkpoints on the demarcation line, which is conducted through the movement of goods, will be equipped with video surveillance systems.

In addition, the government planned the provision of administrative services near the crossings. In particular, we are talking about registration of acts of civil status and passports of citizens of Ukraine to the people living on the uncontrolled territories of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Also checkpoints scheduled the establishment of equipment for access to high-speed mobile Internet (3G) and for Wi-Fi. In addition, PPC must spread the Ukrainian and world Newspapers.

The plan provides for the installation of radio stations, broadcasting towers and transmitters to broadcast on the uncontrolled territory.

Now on the border with the occupied Donbass there are five control points of entry and exit: «Maori», «Marinka», «Novotroitsk», «Hnutove» and «the village of the Luhansk».

Recall that at the checkpoint «Mallorcan» December 28, joined the new logistics centre.

On Donbass on KPVV set the camcorder 11.01.2017

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