On 3 February. Press review. Dubious «upgrade» of the Cabinet

Gone are the days when MPs rushed to the courtroom during closing and opening of the ordinary session of the Parliament. The bulk of people’s deputies to work was closer to 11.00 — just in time for the vote in the first reading amendments to the Constitution in terms of justice. Voted («for» 244) and dispersed: someone in the cafeteria, some in committees, others in the corridors to sneak around with journalists. To discuss was that. MPs plunged in personnel auction.

All the fuss started with the fact that the MP from the PPO Sergey Leshchenko announced the list of HR initiatives native factions regarding the future composition of the government. Leshchenko said that deputies of Pro-presidential factions intend to delegate to the government the following seven persons: the Minister of health — Alexey Goncharenko, Minister of education Alexander Spivakovsky, the head of the Ministry of agriculture — Taras Kutovoy, head of the Ministry of environment of Hlib zahorii, Minister of infrastructure — Paul Ryabikin, the Minister of culture — Yevhen Nyschuk, Vice Prime Minister for European integration — Olga Belkov, first Vice Prime Minister — Vitaliy Kovalchuk.

The party members claim that Leshchenko some distorted information about human resources initiatives PPB.

«The list that appeared on the Internet thanks to the infamous Deputy, only preliminary. We were given the opportunity to discuss these names in the faction, Deputy group. This does not mean that we will bring them for consideration to the hall,» he put forward his version of the BPP Deputy Sergei Berezenko.

In turn, the Deputy head of the faction PPO Igor Konenko said that their political force would like to hear the reports of three Ministers: the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, the Minister of culture Vyacheslav Kyrylenko and Minister of economic development of Aivaras Abromavicius.

Meanwhile, some deputies from BPP «secretly» told reporters that it is possible that the chair of the Minister of economic development may take Vitaliy Kovalchuk, who will combine this post with the first Deputy Premiership.

«The list of candidates for 70% utopian. The only real candidates Kovalchuk, Ryabikin, zagori. Well… and Goncharenko is asking Alexey Poroshenko. Although there is a more worthy candidate, says one of the deputies of the MFP. — I want to see the reaction of the «veterans» on names».

«Veterans» pretended that the «candidate» list of the PPB they are not touched. In the «office records» «veterans» say that even as of Monday evening was the following agreement: PPO blesses the third term of the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, continues the immunity of the interior Minister Arsen Avakov, justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko. Also promises in this matter and support the faction of the Radical party («leskovca» allegedly had to return to the coalition. — Ed.). Instead, the NF supports the bill Lyashko 3700 (allowing parties to delete from their electoral lists of candidates after the announcement of the election results. — Ed.).

Its staffing the game were yesterday, «Batkivschyna» and «Samopomich». It boils down to the fact that their faction will not nominate candidates for the Ministers of the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Want their Prime Ministers.

In the «Fatherland» implying that Julia full of energy for the Prime Minister.

«Radicals» are willing to accept Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, but require that the coalition has stuck to its economic development plan of the country. Another requirement is to assign them the post of Minister of ecology. Ready to work in the new government and the representatives of the Opposition bloc, but if offered, writes Elena Galagi in the article «New session of the Parliament began with human auction» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

According to experts, most candidates from the list of the PPB «does not Shine» a place in the new Cabinet, they are simply used to bargain with coalition partners.

«All these candidates are unlikely to be members of the Cabinet, they are put forward specifically for that fold as a result of trades. The principal candidates for a fraction of the PPB within the possible staff changes are: the position of first Deputy Prime Minister and candidate of Kovalchuk to this position, as well as the Minister of infrastructure (candidate Ryabikin) – the two fundamental positions», – said the head of the Center for applied political studies «Penta» Volodymyr Fesenko. All item for trades and the like.

In fact, the «BPP» invites his coalition partners to trading, said the head of the center «Third sector» Andrei Zolotarev. «It’s like the trick of a magician, when making ambiguous figures that there are many issues that can cause a storm of emotions, a scandal. The actual rising information wave, then these figures exchanged: ask for more – give less, but just right. The key is Kovalchuk, Ryabikin, but does not Goncharenko,» said he.

According to a source, «the popular front» will give the votes for the appointment of Vitaly Kovalchuk, if he receives guarantees from the Bank to keep the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and the head of the Ministry of justice Pavel Petrenko their chairs.

The people’s Deputy from BPP, close to the presidential Administration, said Vitaly Kovalchuk put forward not just on the chair the Deputy speaker: «It will be Vice Prime Minister-Minister of economic development and, in particular, will monitor the privatization».

In the «people’s front» confirmed this information. However, «veterans», in contrast to the deputies from Pro-presidential party, insist on the return of the coalition faction of the Radical party. «Can’t be in the new Cabinet all the Ministers exclusively from BPP. We are now actively discussing the candidacy of Sergei Angling for the position of head of the Ministry of environment – negotiating with the PPO and Bank. But the President does not want to Oleg Lyashko returned to the coalition», – told us one of the «veterans».

Other MPs from the PF confirmed that they will give votes for Vitaly Kovalchuk, if in their places will remain Avakov and Petrenko, and the chair of the Minister of environment will give the Radical party.

In the comments of the MP from the faction of the Radical party Serhiy Rybalka jokingly said that his candidacy for the post of the Minister of environment considers for a year. «In fact, these gossip and rumors can not believe it. We did not discuss anyone’s candidacy for any Ministry. We discussed the principles that we have described in the document (the program of reforms from the Republic of Poland – Ed.) and sent to the AA, on the faction and the Prime Minister. If our principles will be divided, after writing (new Ed.) The coalition agreement you can sit down and talk (about the return of the Republic of Poland in the coalition and the distribution of posts in the Cabinet of Ministers – ed.). But «wedding generals» we just will not» – said Serhiy Rybalka.

According to Vladimir Fesenko, currently, the PPO and the presidential Administration is trying to implement a script that involves a partial update of the government with the current coalition and the current Prime Minister. «This scenario will be implemented only in case. If the Prime Minister will go to the principal concessions of the presidential team (Kovalchuk and Rabicano). Now this is scenario No. 1,» said he.

And while the chance to negotiate is, according to Andrey Zolotarev. «It all depends, are the parties ready to compromise. If you do not agree, then, obviously, there will be a plan «B», whose inadmissibility was telling Geoffrey Pyatt, «–said the expert. Write about this Denis Skvortsov, Zelenyuk Christina in the article «New appointments to the Cabinet: experts ‘opinion» in the newspaper «Today».

The nomination by the fraction of the PPO seven candidates for posts in the Cabinet of Ministers became the main scandal of the beginning of the week. However, a partial change of government does not mean complete reset. This indicates the desire of the President to place in their Cabinet people to control Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Yesterday, 1st February, Block of Petro Poroshenko presented the seven candidates for positions in the Cabinet. «Menu» has caused mixed reactions among parliamentarians and among policy experts. Some of the proposed candidates are not adequate for this work experience. Even members of the same party put forward in the Ministers colleagues wonder on what basis these people were among the contenders for the portfolios.

«Among them as normal guys, but there is absolutely absurd names. I don’t understand how you can nominate a person who has never engaged in this industry. Out of respect for the field you have to understand, needs her to know, to feel, to understand, to do something inside. But if you do not understand this and just think you’re a good man, and your only trump card – you know the Ukrainian language, and you just want [to this post] I think it is irresponsible. It marginalisiert person,» says the Deputy from BPP Mustafa Nayem.

Selectively support candidates in this list and the people’s Deputy Viktor Chumak, donedavna held in the PPB. He believes a good crisis Manager Kovalchuk, today, performing the function of Deputy head of the AP. If Kovalchuk was appointed to the Cabinet, he would perform the role of «eyes of the Emperor» for the President and contained the ambitions of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Strong apparatchik calls Kovalchuk and Director of the Center for applied political studies Penta Volodymyr Fesenko. He is confident that Kovalchuk will not be only a formal representative and try to influence a hard work of the government.

To insist the PA will be to appoint Ryabikina – based on business interests. He too had been known as a strong administrator, good bureaucrat and a person with more business experience. He’s a lawyer, worked as the Deputy Minister of transport, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Denmark and Deputy head of the Kyiv state administration.

«Rabicano, of course, there will be criticism. As I understand it, there [within the faction PPO] not everyone is excited about this nomination. But most, I think, still it will take. He is a former member of udar, and the person who does not have any obvious stains and sins in past political biography. However, can be criticized for his ties with [oligarch Dmytro] Firtash in the past,» explains the analyst.

The source of conflicts in the Cabinet, if the case will actually reach the destination, can be past business several candidates from the list. «Kutovoy and Ryabikin are people that are relevant to a particular business. They are enough experienced managers. But this business gives me some doubts,» says Chumak.

Such a conflict is possible in the case of Zagorie, because he is the CEO of pharmaceutical firm Darnitsa, and therefore, the representative of big business. Because of this he might be interested in business projects. For example, in promoting their own projects and in the Ministry of health and Ministry for the environment, are very much related.

A good candidate interlocutors called Belkov. It is considered the man responsible and serious, with a good education (he graduated from Harvard) and high personal qualities. According to Chumak, the proposed position it would look organically.

Most of the arrows after the publication of the list started to address the people’s Deputy Goncharenko, which tipped the chair at the head of the Ministry of health. Despite the presence of medical education (graduated from Odessa state medical University majoring in Pediatrics and two years worked at the ambulance station), he has completely no experience for high positions.

However, the fact that the names of the candidates, publicized, does not mean that this will be followed by the real destination. According to Nayem, further conversations business will not go. In his words, a partial change of government is not the solution for Ukraine: to leave the current Prime Minister with the support of the 1%, but to change people around him in the Cabinet – at least, stupid, high, dangerous. Stupid because society does not believe in the new government, the first person – the Prime Minister – will remain the same.

Political scientist Fesenko, for its part, admits the option of a partial upgrade of the government in case Yatsenyuk agrees to the charges the Administration of President conditions. In particular, if the chair of the first Vice-Prime Minister is the representative of the PPO, it is likely that Kovalchuk.

Otherwise, the probability of replacement Yatsenyuk as Prime Minister sharply increases, and then we can talk about forming a completely new government, Alexander Gorchinskaya writes in the article «a Warning shot. Why the President has invited Prime Minister of the controversial figures in the Cabinet,» in the edition «New time».

On 3 February. Press review. Dubious «upgrade» of the Cabinet 03.02.2016

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