On 29 February. Press review. 2 years of occupation: how defended the Crimea and blame Kiev

Sunday, February 22, at the meeting of the parliamentary Committee on national security and defence was published, and then published the transcript of the meeting of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine dated 28 February 2014 on the situation in Crimea, where the day before had captured the Parliament and government autonomy. The meeting took place 36 hours after capture by the Russian special forces the authorities of the ARC and during the unfolding operation on blocking of the Peninsula in General and the Ukrainian military units in particular.

The publication of the transcripts of this meeting of the national security Council — an event unprecedented, because for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine was published a document containing the information and the law on state secrets, in circumstances (actual war with Russia), and due to the lack of traction of politicians to «strip» should be classified as top secret.

As it turned out, nothing extraordinary. MP Andriy Teteruk (faction «national front») said to Interfax: «some politicians start to manipulate and to say that allegedly was given orders to hand over the Ukrainian territory to the enemy. And to prove the groundlessness of these statements and to establish the truth, we made a request about the lifting of the fretboard». In other words, the document was declassified to protect some politicians from accusations of others.

The main news in the media after the publication of the transcript of the meeting was, by and large, two. First — Oleksandr Turchynov was the only one who offered to enter the military situation in connection with military aggression of Russia. The second Yulia Tymoshenko urged, «so that no one tank has not left the barracks, no soldier raised the weapon». The technology is designed to enhance the political weight Turchynov (he’s the only member of the Council voted for the imposition of martial law, and as is implied, for armed resistance to the aggressor) and the reduction of the rating of Tymoshenko, ostensibly called to rejoice if the aggressor.

Now look, as adopted on February 28 at the meeting of the NSDC decision was put into effect. I don’t! The decree of the President of Ukraine No. 189/2014 States that the action is entered in the decision of the Council of 1 March 2014. With the same name.

Even a cursory reading of the published transcript of the meeting of the NSDC educated and informed, and even more so — witness the beginning of the occupation of the Crimea is able to plunge into shock. Because this document is evidence of professional incompetence, managerial ignorance and irresponsibility of people who have gained power in the Wake of the Revolution of Dignity. It can be proved on the example of any member of the national security Council.

Two facts that were used as a shield against criticism of a society that does not understand how it was possible to miss the Crimea and to open the gates of the war in the Donbass. Where did this figure, it is now clear was named by Admiral Tenyukh. And he took her, apparently from the ceiling. Because only from the Crimea went 4 024 servicemen, including 1 699 officers, 2 239 sergeants and soldiers, 103 cadet plus civilian employees. The second point is repeated almost every member of the Council on that meeting: population in Crimea is Pro-Russian configured, supports the occupation. Where are these data? Maybe I shouldn’t raise polls of the Razumkov Center in Crimea in recent years? 60 percent of inhabitants of the Peninsula just before the occupation, considered themselves patriots of Ukraine. Or include the Ukrainian TV — channels went to many hours of streams from different places of the Crimea.

The history of the transcript did not discuss only the lazy. But almost none of the numerous variegated commentators did not pay attention to principle circumstances.

In the first place. The actual content of the transcript gives, alas, plenty of reasons to doubt the solvency of the persons (and, for the most part continue to be) at the helm of the state. It wasn’t hard talking competent, responsible, decisive, effective leaders of the country, standing at the threshold of war. It was the choral moaning confused, reflexive, shallow politicians, is clearly not appropriate to the nature of their objectives, the scale of challenges thrown to them.

Secondly, the fact that conscious the publication of the transcript shows that the leaders remained the same petty and untenable. Because policy-the statesman never would think to sacrifice national security for the sake of achieving narrow political objectives halfpenny — compromising opponents, allies and the desire to justify himself in the eyes of voters.

Thirdly, the ease with which the bearers and holders of state secrets, went on exposing classified information, speaks of a complete lack of understanding of the possible consequences.

Fourth, by promulgating official information about the role of Western partners, holding all the forces from Kiev resistance in the Crimea, the authorities have been, to put it mildly, shortsighted. Or do you «twitch» by the rules, or deliberately cuts the rope.

Fifthly, familiarizing the public with details of the strategic, vital decisions, the authorities have exposed the inexperience, feebleness of the system. The thoughtful reader of the transcripts fit if not scared, then at least to attend to the irresponsibility and unprofessionalism. Because the fact of the publication of the transcripts suggests that they are for two years has not increased, Valentina Samar writes in the article «Non-commissioned officers widowers» in the newspaper «Mirror of week».

All who believe that the cowardice of Ukraine has allowed Russia to take the Crimea, forget about the context of February 2014. The February, which changed the country beyond recognition.

Juggle the subjunctive mood is a thankless task, but popular. After the publication of «Crimean» transcripts of the national security Council is engaged in the entire country. And if Kiev then imposed martial law? And if the army on the Peninsula began to shoot? Maybe no annexation and would not have happened?

The problem is that we often try to judge 2014 out of reality 2016. All those who say that the indecisiveness of Kyiv has made possible the annexation of the Crimea, forget about the context of the February of two years ago. The February, when Ukraine was left without a President. When Oleksandr Turchynov was held a very ambiguous position of «acting king». When the orders of the capital in the eyes of regional officials was highly conditional legitimacy. Not least because these orders were given by the people yesterday standing on the barricades.

We already do not remember, but the Supreme commander at that time continued to be a fugitive Viktor Yanukovych. And participated two years ago in the meeting of the Council was very careful to talk about the validity of their own orders. The fact that the meeting was attended by Yulia Tymoshenko, the only merit of which was the status of a political prisoner, is quite revealing. Then it was the perfect window of opportunity for the Kremlin to conduct a military operation: once the legitimacy of the new government was confirmed, disobeying her orders would be a direct betrayal. And without that, any military commander left open the possibility for justification by their own sabotage.

But even if we imagine that the stroke of a pen Turchynov would be enough to start or rusty military machine — what difference would it make?

We don’t want to remember, but in February of 2014 oil was 110 dollars, Russia won the Olympics independently carried out, the refrigerator did not even think to argue with the TV, and Moscow presided in the Big eight. It doesn’t change what will happen to the Russian economy later, but the level of sentiment of the Kremlin at that time was completely different.

In addition, you need to understand the point of view that prevailed then in Moscow against the events in Kiev. In the opinion of management of the Russian Federation, the whole story of the Maidan was nothing but a special operation of the West against Russia. And in this logic, the annexation of Crimea was the first blow to the architects of the invasion it was a story about how to fight back. In their minds the red line crossed is not Moscow, but Brussels and Washington.

When we say that the resistance of the Ukrainian army could cool the hot heads in the Kremlin, forget its inhabitants, for example, still continue to quote the phony, say, Madeleine Albright urged to take Russian Siberia and the far East. It is pointless to prove with sources that she never said that it was born from probulary publication in «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» in 2006. Professional deformation is not zero: the leadership of Russia — natives of the Soviet secret police, and the conspiracy level of their consciousness rolls.

Time after time we lose sight of that Vladimir Putin — the man who from 1999 was holding cash, went shopping, bought groceries and rode in public transport. He doesn’t use the Internet because I am sure that he «arose as a project of the CIA and develops». He led Russia during the Clintonsurvived , the Bush, and the same Barack Obama for him — no more than a temporary companion. Because Obama will be gone, and Putin — no. When the Russian President said that after the death of Gandhi to him and no one to talk to, he is not disingenuous: his self-awareness he and Gandhi — it is the equilibrium interlocutors. And in the mind of Putin to give in to any pressure is too much of a weakness. Even if this pressure just trying to protect their territory from the invading Russian army.

All said — this is not an invitation to abstract tolstoyism and not a call to turn the other cheek. It’s just the context. The same, without which it is impossible to understand February 2014. The same January that changed our country beyond recognition. The same February, which we so boldly dissect our 2016, writes Paul Kazarin in the article «patriot Games. Blame Kiev in the delivery of the Crimea» in the edition «New time».

Exactly two years ago, more than ten thousand Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians, Russians and other nationalities came under the walls of the building of the Supreme Council of the autonomy not to allow the MPs to push for an extraordinary session of the decision, which would have given Russia a pretext for the annexation of the Peninsula.

«Twenty-fifth day of February, 2014 it became known that the next day the Supreme Council of Crimea intends to organize an extraordinary session and take separatist decisions, — says the member of the Mejlis Eskander Bariev. — Then, on 25 February, Pro-Russian forces in Simferopol organized a picket, which said that if the Parliament of the autonomy will not make a request to Russia to take in the composition of the Crimea will be invaded by the building of the Supreme Council».

Before in the afternoon of February 25, urgently gathered the Majlis of Crimean Tatar settlements began to receive information that people gather the next day to come under the walls of Parliament, to defend the integrity of Ukraine.

The Majlis decided to thwart the Supreme Council of Crimea to vote for a separatist resolution. The evening of 25 February, the Majlis voted in favor of the rally, this campaign actually had all the chances to keep deputies from taking recourse to the Russian Federation about the rejection of the Crimea. People were asked not to take knives, sticks, chains and things like that. Tatars — the people organized, so this requirement was met.

«Gathered more than ten thousand people — much more than representatives of Pro-Russian forces (the rally was organized by the party «Russian unity» Sergey Aksenov), recalls Bariev. — Many of those who resisted us, were under the influence. In us and then threw bottles, flags and other items. I’ve seen people from the opposite camp who intentionally started fights: beat our flag pole, fists, feet. Our defending. We, the leaders of the rally, tried to rasborinae fighting. The aim of the campaign was achieved — that day we did not allow the deputies to vote for the decisions that led to the seizure of Crimea by Russia».

According to Bariev, when the blockade of Ukrainian military units, the activists stood near them a human shield, the soldiers carried food and necessary things. «Requested command: «let our boys to themselves, give them weapons and they will work with you to defend». We refused,» he says. Some time later, bringing in a military unit, seen things on which became very bitter at heart: traitors in uniform of the Ukrainian army drinking vodka with the «green men», eating our products.»

In those days the Russian authorities were trying to persuade the Crimean Tatars to their side. But they ignored their illegal referendum, after all, believed that Crimea is an integral part of Ukraine. Russia violates international law, which was written in the terrible lessons of the Second world war.

«In the dock there is no Pro-Russian party of the meeting, although the initiators of the confrontation at the walls of the Parliament have been they are Aksenova threatened to seize the Supreme Council. In Simferopol is not the court, and the court, the Directors of which are located in the Kremlin, Bariev stressed. — Note that even Russia agreed that on 26 February 2014, Crimea was part of Ukraine. The events occurred on the territory of the sovereign state of Ukraine and concerned the political structure of the country, any reference to the fact that «crime directed against the interests of the Russian Federation» are farfetched». This writes Igor Osipchuk in the article «Eskander Bariev: «In the crush in front of the Parliament of the Crimea, we tried to save and his own and opponents» in the newspaper «Facts and comments».

On 29 February. Press review. 2 years of occupation: how defended the Crimea and blame Kiev 29.02.2016

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