On 26 February. Press review. Our shirokino: why the militants retreated

A few days ago, the militants left the village Shirokino, which has long been one of the hottest spots in Donbass. Therefore, the Ukrainian division took this almost completely destroyed the settlement under my control, and now the defenders of Ukraine equip new firing positions.

«Now are activities on mine clearance and destruction of explosive items. Militants have mined almost every house have installed a lot of stretch marks and booby traps. This fact is significant evidence that they had planned a major terrorist act», — said the press officer of sector «M» Alexander Kindsfater.

However, despite the demonstrative exit of the occupants from Shirokino, you should not relax. According to the President of Petro Poroshenko, the prospect of resumption of full-scale hostilities in the Donbass is quite high due to systematic violations by the aggressor of the Minsk agreements.

«Even in the most optimistic scenario in the Donbas, in the long truce, the military threat from the East will remain relevant both in the long and in the short term», — stressed the head of state.

Indeed, in other parts of the front fighters continue to violate the truce and fire prohibited weapons. Hot on Donetsk and Mariupol directions. As a result of shelling the previous day near Donetsk wounded two Ukrainian defenders.

«To appease the enemy and stabilize the situation, the Ukrainian military opened fire near Novotroitsk from the APC and grenade launchers», — stated in the message press center ATO.

By the way, the Ukrainian side in Minsk said the desire of official Kiev to involve the mine in the Donbass specialists one of the international humanitarian organizations. However, regular attacks do not allow experts to work on mine clearance, writes Ivan Boyko in the article «Broken but free» in the newspaper «Ukraina Moloda».

The other day the ruins of Shirokino fully under the control of the Ukrainian military. The enemy withdrew beyond the village, but mined every scrap of the abandoned land.

«Dnrovtsa» moved into its position — a few kilometers from the border Shirokino, so the village is now fully controlled by the Ukrainian army. Now military engineers clean liberated areas from explosives. Really mined their houses, yards and streets. One house was just loaded with dozens of all kinds of stretch marks and min. to Say, as much as can be stretched the clearance is extremely difficult, because the explosives they’ve found it very tricky – carefully camouflaged, it is very difficult to recognize, and such «traps» there are hundreds», — said the speaker staff ATO, major Sergey Zhmurko.

Despite the danger, some desperate serakinci by hook or by crook make the way to the ruined village to look after their homes and gardens but to talk about the full return too early now.

«Finally, I saw a real prospect to begin to restore Shirokino. As soon as the demining is completed and the military agrees, we are ready to go out there and make a plan of concrete actions on the resuscitation of this town» — say military.

«I know many residents Shirokino, who are ready to return to the village right now, and if the military put them there, they would have done. But I think it is a stupid idea. Because the suburbs can still flare up a fierce fight. The reconstruction work was not in vain and to again evacuate the people out of there, just sit tight. Time will tell how securely the truce in Shirokino. I think in another month it will be already possible to speak about something concrete. Until then, let’s give the military time to deal with mine,» says a volunteer of the red cross Mariupol Alexander Magdalin.

Political scientists in the liberation Shirokino see positive signs from the ATO zone.

«This is another step towards the fulfillment of the «military» part of the Minsk agreements. It is no secret that according to the Minsk agreements, control over shyrokyne and was to belong to the armed forces. The enemy had fulfilled its obligations and left the village. There are still two points to avoid shooting across the front line and eventually to take weapons. And there not far off and Amnesty and the holding of elections on the uncontrolled part of Donbass», — believes Director of the Kiev Institute of control Gorshenin , Konstantin Bondarenko.

Now, according to the analyst, it was the turn fruitfully to the contact group in Minsk. Diplomats should prepare the ground for implementation of the political part of the peace agreement, writes Alice Kirilenko in the article «Military: the enemy bustles margin Shirokino tricky explosives» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

Next week should be held a key meeting of foreign Ministers «channel four» in Paris, designed to unleash a dead-end node the situation in the Donbas. We once again will be «to reconcile» with the Russian fighters and the Russian army, which is essentially a tool of aggression.

Meanwhile in the conflict zone there are contradictory trends. On the one hand, the enemy continued shelling our positions and retreat from the occupied villages. Thus, in particular, on Wednesday the militants left the Shirokino, which is now actively being mine. In parallel, there is continued accumulation of Russian gangsters weapons in kominternovo (near Shirokino). The number of attacks over the past few months daily was not less than 50. In the Donbass near the village of zaytsevo, which defends separate infantry brigade, Wednesday night took place the assault by militants positions ATO forces. Activity there has been for a month. Do not stop the shelling and the Village Lugansk is in close proximity to the occupied Lugansk. A local resident testifies: «Unwarranted attacks in our area are continuing and do not allow to forget that such a war».

It is clear that the incessant attacks of the militants were being taken to maintain the Ukrainian side in a certain tone. Including at the talks in Minsk the next round of which took place on Wednesday. As for their results, yet the public knows only that the agreements had freed several prisoners. Given the number of terrorists captured by Ukrainians (more than 150), most likely, this release was only a demonstrative act. Possible, and waste the bandits with some positions is only demonstrative behavior in front of the meeting «channel four» in Paris.

However, the national guard soldier Miroslav Gai in Facebook wrote: «Slowly we Tasneem terrorists and liberating the new settlements. Recently we have released a sufficient number of villages. In some areas the separatists are retreating, leaving the office and we sometimes occupied with the battle. What is it? Slow draining, creeping jeanneke, lack of personnel?.. There was a case where they just left.» Fighters this trend clearly like, though versions of this enemy’s behavior, as you can see, a lot.

Military expert Konstantin Mashovets commented on the «Day» of this situation: «the Retreat of fighters from Shirokino is a partial fulfillment by the Russian side Minsk agreements before the meeting «channel four». For Russia it is important that it was removed. In this case they seem to be moving away from Shirokino, Kominternovo but take. That is, actually create the appearance of compliance with those agreements and retreat from where it is not for critical damage. If the meeting in Paris will fail and there will be a question of further development of the conflict, the Ukrainian army is ready for such a scenario».

An interesting point is that the retreating bandits leave evidence of direct involvement by Russia to war. For example, the soldiers of the ATO, conducting demining activities Shirokino, find Russian radio, the Russian sample forms, bullet-proof vests, RHS (grenades), as well as a lot of products which are exclusively designed for the military power of the Russian army. Russia is not even hiding the fact that he has defied significant losses and that these losses relate to her. For example, the OSCE noticed the van marked «Cargo 200», which crossed the Ukrainian-Russian border. This is referred to in the weekly report of the mission based on the Russian border crossings «Gukovo» and «Donetsk» in the Rostov region (these points bordering on Ukrainian PP «Chervonopartyzansk» and «Izvarino»). That is, Russia is already not even trying to mask the truck 200.

Of course, the actions of the militants — only what is on the surface. Leaders that were capable of independent, not coordinated with the Kremlin’s behavior is largely eliminated by the Russian security services. For now it is important Moscow to pressure Kiev in order to hold in the Donbas «elections». Kiev, in turn, insists on the observance by Russia of the commitments made. However, the latter hiding behind the classic excuse «atmnet». Referred to the evidence of the presence of the Russian army for Putin, who used to explain everything «px», no argument. But for some reason the West in this situation puts pressure on Ukraine. The world community tries to make us realize the dangerous step «elections in Donbas in accordance with Ukrainian legislation».

The West shifted the focus to themes «special status» to those «elections». That is all done in order to postpone the issue indefinitely and to «solve» it solely at the expense of Ukraine. Unfortunately, at the international level is not strictly the implementation of Russia’s obligations.

It should also be understood that Russia — not just the aggressor in a particular situation. Russia is a permanent source of danger and claims to Ukraine and to the world. This means that you must engage all the tools of influence to Russia were not at the negotiating table, and the table must be signed capitulation. But it is unlikely there is a deep understanding that Europe and the world, Valentin Torba writes in the article «Offensive retreat» in the newspaper «Day».

On 26 February. Press review. Our shirokino: why the militants retreated 26.02.2016

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