Omeljan: Stop feeding people stories that we think iPhone

The basis for the development of all sectors of Ukraine’s economy should be privatized, to attract investments and simplification of state regulation. On 9 January, the TV channel ZIK said the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

«For me, the recipe for success of infrastructure projects is very simple. First and foremost is mass privatization. Glad the political will of the state leadership that it will be this year,» he said.

According to the Omelyan, it is important to attract global investors.

«Enough to feed the people stories that we here something ourselves do, think iPhone, or some other things. This will not happen as long as Ukraine does not become part of the world economy and we will not successfully work all over the world. Not on the market in the 35-45 million Ukrainians, and the market is 7.5 billion people,» he explained.

Omeljan stands for the maximum simplification of state regulation of business.

«It worked in the aviation sector. Due to the fact that the state went out, we got a second consecutive year, an increase of 30%», – he said.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the state budget for the year 2018, nearly 25 percent plan increased revenues from privatization, compared with 2017.

Omeljan: Stop feeding people stories that we think iPhone 10.01.2018

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