Omeljan believes that Balcon forgotten that in recent months, played music, and gave the NEB the documents about corruption in Ukrzaliznytsya

The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian hoped that at the meeting of the Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) will be taken to the correct personnel decisions in respect of the company Ukrainian Railways, PJSC «Ukrzaliznytsia». The Minister told the TV channel NewsOne.

Omeljan gave the NEB documents about corruption in Railways

«I had a conversation with the President this weekend. Reported unsatisfactory state of Affairs, that now we are not talking about reform, and the desire of certain people to keep a corrupt influence on Ukrzaliznytsya», – said Omeljan.

«I hope that will be an extraordinary meeting of the Council, and we will be able to listen to all sides. Will be made the right personnel decision to bring a company forward and reform it through real action and not slogans and presentations,» said he.

The Minister once again called the head of the Board of railroad Wojciech balczun of low-skilled specialist.

«He forgot that the last years have not worked in the companies, and studied music. So the question is not whether someone who Balczun, but someone who Ukrzaliznytsya. Do we need a really efficient state-owned company, working for the people, or company that is a source of enrichment for certain individuals,» said Omeljan.

Meanwhile, in April 2016, when it became known that the nominating Committee has selected Balchune to head Ukrzaliznytsia, Omeljan expressed positive opinions about it, the Agency said.

«In the railway sector, in my opinion, the key event can be called the selection of the new head: I think it is a fantastic Manager, he made huge changes in the Polish Railways, was the ideologist of these changes. I hope that his experience in Ukraine will be no less successful», – said the Minister.

As reported, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman supported by the head of the Ukrainian rail company Ukrzaliznytsia Adalbert Balcona in conflict with the Minister of infrastructure Omelyan.

«Discord leave,» said the Prime Minister during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 25 January 2017, calling for constructive work in the sphere of infrastructure and transport.

Omeljan and Balcon exchanged critical statements regarding their actions at their posts during the government meeting.

Infrastructure Minister accuses administration of Railways in corrupt activities.

Omeljan gave the NEB documents about corruption in Ukrzaliznytsya

Documents with information about corruption in PJSC «Ukrzaliznytsia» have with law enforcement. This broadcast «5 channel» said Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

«NABU we passed repeatedly in various documents. I hope that NABU will finally complete those investigations that they carried out since last year. Same, I hope you will complete and SBU. And they, again, will be able to say openly to the public that we have done our job,» said the Minister.

According to the Omelyan, the Ministry of infrastructure constantly interacts with law enforcement agencies.

«The facts that we are able to establish during his work in relation to possible abuses in the procurement or perhaps abuse when making certain decisions, we also transmit promptly to law enforcement authorities», — he said.

«We have constant interaction. Perhaps, the number of freelance advisors of all law enforcement agencies I beat all records,» said the Minister.

Omeljan believes that Balcon forgotten that in recent months, played music, and gave the NEB the documents about corruption in Ukrzaliznytsya 26.01.2017

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