Omeljan: Annual losses from corruption in the «Ukrzaliznytsia» — minimum of 10 — 15 billion UAH

The former head of the Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ) Wojciech Balczun have to report on their appointments to Cabinet. About this stated the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian in Facebook, commenting on the detention of SBU during receiving a bribe of the first Deputy head of the Department of audit and control «Ukrzaliznytsya» Vakhtangi Jakeli.

«When I personally demanded from Balcona explanation, where he took a character with a reputation of «stealing from the first day», Wojciech proudly answered that it was his personal choice, Mr. Vakhtangi has a great summary and a born antikorruptsionera», – he said.

The Minister noted that this was «quietly dismissed» Logist Maxim Kushnirchuk, who was accused of working for Moscow, and who was «a personal protégé of Balcona».

«But we are not talking about laid-off Balcona. I’m sure law enforcement will find it in Poland. Talking about something else. While I was screaming and cited abuses, some quietly silent, others moaned, and others – did not believe» – he said.

Omeljan stressed that the reforms the BONDS in 2016-2017 has not happened.

«While ULTRASOUND will not be returned to the subordination of the Ministry of Infrastructure to full implementation of corporate governance do not believe that something has changed for the better. Too great a temptation, taking advantage of a lack of proper supervision, professional knowledge, continue to fish in troubled waters. Annual losses from corruption in the us – at least 10-15 billion UAH. This will be enough for the party, and personal enrichment, and to sneer at all those who suddenly decide to fight against abuse,» he said.

The Minister noted that stolen in 2014, 15 billion it was possible to make a high-speed railway Odessa – Kiev to 2.5 hours Kiev could reach the sea.

«15 billion in 2015 – Kyiv – Lviv – Warsaw. 15 billion for 2016 – Kyiv – Kharkiv. 15 billion in 2017 – 25 high-speed passenger trains Tarpan at a speed of 220 km/h And it is selected funds from corrupt officials. This additional resource! And happy citizens of a modern country», – summed up Omeljan.

Omeljan: Annual losses from corruption in the «Ukrzaliznytsia» — minimum of 10 — 15 billion UAH 14.09.2017

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