Olympic Union Germany wants to remove Russia from two Olympic games

If the suspicions about the presence of the state system of doping in Russia are confirmed, the Olympic team of Russia will be required to exclude from participation in the Olympic games 2018 and 2020. With such statement in interview to newspaper Welt am Sonntag was made head of the German Olympic sports Federation (DSB) , Alphonse Herman, writes Deutsche Welle.

«You must have given a clear signal: this (doping) is unacceptable. If it is proved that Russia supported system of doping at the state level and the national Committee thus clearly violated the Olympic Charter, the removal of all National Russian Olympic team at least from the Games in Pyongyang and Tokyo should become a topic for serious discussion at the International Olympic Committee,» said Herman.

According to him, if any country with such obvious disdain for the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter, it is necessary to punish in the most severe way.

While Herman called the error the decision to allow 280 Russian athletes for the Olympic games in 2016, despite suspicions about the existence of the state system of doping in Russia.

In turn, the Russian runner in the 1,500 meters , Andrey Dmitriev said that the Russian coaches who were suspended because of doping scandal, and continue to work with the athletes.

According to «Radio Liberty» with reference to the German TV station ARD, Dmitriev said it continues to work with coach Vladimir Kazarin.

Previously Kazarin coached athlete Yulia Stepanova, whose testimony about systematic doping in Russia led to the dismissal of athletics national team of this country from all competitions under the auspices of the International Federation of athletics, and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

One of the main representatives of the IAAF Oliver jer said in comments ARD that if casarin continued to work, the athletics Federation of Russia «has not fulfilled the conditions for recovery».

Olympic Union Germany wants to remove Russia from two Olympic games 23.01.2017

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