Okhendovsky want to CEC received the election results via the Internet directly from sites

The next parliamentary elections, likely to again be held under a mixed electoral system, but it is possible to completely computerize the data transfer on the counting of votes.

This was stated by the head of Central election Commission Mikhail Okhendovsky at a meeting with the head of the Council of Europe office in Ukraine, representative of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe on coordination of cooperation programs of the COE by Morten Enberg, the press service of the CEC.

«Perhaps it is time to understand that with high probability the next parliamentary elections in Ukraine will be conducted on the basis of the same electoral system that was used in 2012 and 2014», – he said.

«Although in our country it is quite difficult to find a politician who would speak out against the election of the Parliament by the proportional electoral system with open party lists, it is much harder to find 226 people’s deputies of Ukraine, are ready to vote for the law,» – said the CEC head.

According to him, international organizations, foreign diplomats and Ukrainian activists lobbied for the introduction of a proportional electoral system with open lists and acceptance is based on the same model of the electoral code.

«In my opinion, in the medium term – next 2-3 years – the probability of transition of Ukraine to the use of a proportional electoral system with open lists is extremely low. The probability of adoption of the electoral code even lower,» – said Okhendovsky.

«Do not be wiser to consider how to upgrade the existing mixed electoral system, namely its majority component that causes the most criticism both inside the country and abroad? The necessary analytical work in the Central electoral Commission has already held,» he said.

«Soon we will be ready to offer to society and politicians the project of changes to be made to the electoral legislation of Ukraine to fully computerize the counting of votes from all the almost 30 thousand polling stations directly to the CEC,» – said Okhendovsky.

According to him, this will significantly reduce the cost of all future electoral processes.

«The CEC can quickly – on the morning of the Monday following the day of voting, and not 10-15 days to obtain preliminary results of vote counting from each polling station and to share them with society», – said the head of the Commission.

«The risk of manipulating the figures of the protocols of precinct election commissions after the completion of the counting of votes through unlawful impact on their members by candidates and parties will be virtually eliminated,» – said Okhendovsky.

Will be able to draw up protocols of precinct election commissions not only in paper but also in electronic form, certifying the electronic digital signatures of the PEC members.

Okhendovsky said that the CEC is in no way raises the question of introduction in Ukraine of electronic voting.

We are talking about the modernization of the system of «Elections» – the introduction of modern technologies and total computerization of the administrative process of counting the votes from precinct election commissions the Central election Commission with the exception to this process of the district commissions.

The CEC promised to organize a broad discussion of this initiative.

Okhendovsky and Enberg agreed in March to hold a joint conference with the participation of experts from international organizations, computerization of the vote.

As you know, 7 Jun 2016 President Petro Poroshenko has suggested the Supreme Rada to dismiss 12 of the 15 members of the Commission and CEC to appoint 11 new members.

The term of office of 12 members of the CEC expired on 1 June 2014.

In October the speaker Andriy Parubiy has said that he will propose to the President to re-introduce the candidates to the new composition of the CEC, as the current presentation did not have enough votes.

Okhendovsky want to CEC received the election results via the Internet directly from sites 18.01.2017

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