Odessa scavenges: near the Potemkin stairs found a skeleton

January 26, in the lower galleries of the Potemkin stairs in Odessa found the skeletal remains of a human body. It is reported by the Department of communication of the police of Odessa region.

The find was discovered by employees of public utilities, which removed the debris. On the scene called the police.

As writes the Duma, at this point, informed activists found the dump by the homeless.

Earlier media reports estimated that, collecting all the trash in Ukraine, it is possible to form a mountain higher than Everest.


Potemkin (other names — seaside, Giant, Tabloid) a staircase is an architectural monument of national importance, built in 1837-1841. by architect Franz Boffo.

This building in style of classicism, one of the main attractions of Odessa. Conceived as the main entrance to the city from the sea, the stairs become a dominant architectural appearance of the city and its symbol. Down rhythmic ledges from the seaside Boulevard to Seaside street, which is the passenger terminal of the Odessa sea trade port. It is considered one of the most famous staircases in the world.

Currently, the ladder consists of 10 marches and 192 steps. With two sides it is framed by stone parapets of a two-meter thickness. Ladder height — 27 m, length – 142 m.

The famous film Director Sergei Eisenstein used the stairs during the filming of the movie «Battleship Potemkin». Due to this, the Potemkin stairs was recognized as a treasure of European film culture.

Odessa scavenges: near the Potemkin stairs found a skeleton 27.01.2017

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