Odesa region is struggling with bad weather: limited to the movement of the car, run an additional train

As of 7 hours 12 Jan traffic congestion as a result of complications of weather conditions on the territory of the country. Remains partially restricted traffic on the highway Odessa — Reni and Kropiwnicki — platonovo. About it reports a press-state frontier service service.

«In the Odessa region is the restriction of movement of all vehicles on the highway Odessa — Reni (in part) and limited movement for large vehicles on the highway Kirovograd (Kropiwnicki, — ed.) — platonovo», — stated in the message.

As reported, on January 11, prohibited the movement of road transport on roads of General use of state and local significance on the territory of 11 districts, namely Orzeszkowa, biliaivka, Odesa, Bolgrad, Chilia, Liman, Izmail, Ovidiopolsky, Reni, sarats’kyi and Tatarbunary.

To ensure the transfer and clearing of highways on the territory of Ukraine attracted 1 091 thousand units of equipment and 1 thousand 763 cheloveka personnel are involved Ukravtodor 1024 units and 1529 people from gschs — 67 pieces of equipment and 234 personnel.

Divisions of gschs on 4 January released from snow drifts of 2 thousand 13 cars (per day — 94 car), which was 4 thousand 848 people (per day — 149 people).

The situation as of travel on the roads of Ukraine is under constant control of the SSES.

According to the Ministry of infrastructure, railway stations and airports are working in normal mode.

In Vasilkov Kiev region 12 January at 21:50 rescuers pulled a rope the car of an emergency medical service that got stuck in a snow drift, shall also inform the SSES.

From-for difficult weather conditions complicating travel on the roads of the southern districts of Odesa region, the leadership of Ukrzaliznytsia launched on 11 January an additional flight train Odessa — Izmail. About this UKRINFORM reported in the press center of the regional branch «Odesa railway».

«In connection with difficult weather conditions, closure of the motorway Odessa — Reni of the Odessa railway has appointed an additional train №686 Odessa — Izmail. In accordance with the approved schedule, the train still ran twice a week. And from now on it will run daily until January 21 inclusive, to transport all wishing passengers,» said railway.

The press service added that 6-8 January during drifts on the highway Odessa — Reni of the Odessa railroad already started up two extra flights of train No. 686 Odessa — Izmail.

Recall that on 11 January it was reported that in Odessa region returned bad weather. Roads turned into a mess of snow and mud, and along the sidewalks formed a meter drifts.

«Rich it was snowing all night. The public utilities argue, snowplows running continuously since Tuesday. Poured on the road more than 3 tons of sand-salt mixture, but the result could be achieved only when limited entry of trucks into the city», — stated in the message.

Rescuers say – on the slopes of the area are more than 200 pieces of heavy equipment. The most problematic areas – on the road to Reni and Kuchurhan.

Odesa region is struggling with bad weather: limited to the movement of the car, run an additional train 12.01.2017

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