Ocean fishing fleet for the first time in 18 years brought Ukraine a profit of 19 million

Ocean fishing fleet of Ukraine in 2015 for the first time since 1997 brought the income, which amounted to 19 million UAH (more than 700 thousand USD), of which 9.5 million UAH will constitute dividends to the state.

According to the press service of the State fishery Agency with reference to the Minister Yarema of Kovaleva.

«In 2015, the ocean fishing fleet of Ukraine received about 19 million UAH of profit (more than 700 thousand dollars. USA), of which 9.5 million UAH (350 thous.) – dividends will be paid by Ukraine fishing company Fishing Company S. A. Is the first profit to be made by the state from the operation of ocean-going fishing fleet since 1997», — stated in the message.

The press service said that Ukraine has restored the lost in connection with the occupation of Crimea by Russia control of the company Fishing Company and the state enterprise «Service», which are the owners of the vessels. The profit was generated due to the complete repayment of the accumulated back in the 1990s-2000s debt of one of the companies towards foreign creditors. In addition, public enterprises have increased the freight rate by almost 40% to market levels.

«It should be noted that since the signing of the Treaty in 2004, freight rate was revised only once and was increased by a small amount. In the process of negotiations at the rates of consultations were held with several leading brokers, in particular, Danish Shipping AS Atlantic, North Sea Team AS they helped the companies to establish a fair cost,» Kovaleva quotes the press service.

State Agency of fisheries noted that since March 2014, registered in the Crimea of the Ukrainian state company received funds for freight contracts, and Ukraine had virtually no control over fishing vessels who were fishing in New Zealand. Formed the debt for freight 1.6 million. The situation was complicated by the fact that ships were in the port of Sevastopol and Russian classification society and without the consent of the charterers put the fleet to Ukraine was impossible. In addition, one of new Zealand charterers put forward to the Ukrainian companies claim to 5 million, that could lead to a forced transmission to this carrier one of the four state ocean-going vessels.

«We held long negotiations with the freighter, causing was returned to the control of the Ukrainian Navy, raised freight rate, the opportunity to terminate the contract at the initiative of the shipowner, improved conditions for loans», — said Koval.

Ukraine since independence has lost more than 220 vessels, or 95% of the ocean fleet, the bulk of which was illegally implemented to repay the fictitious accounts receivable, notes UNIAN. In 1991, Ukraine possessed more than 230 cruise ships. In 2015 the number reduced to 11, of which only 4 are state-owned: «Captain hare», «Ivan golubets», «Alexey Slobodchikov» and «Professor Mikhail Aleksandrov».

In the early 1990-ies of marine fleet of Ukraine provided the catch of 780 thousand tons of fish and water biological resources.

In 2014 in the Ukrainian and international waters fisheries enterprises of Ukraine caught up 91.3 thousand tons of fish and water biological resources without taking into account the Russian occupation of Crimea. Before the occupation, in 2013, this indicator amounted to 225,8 thousand tons.

In January-November of the current year, the total catch of fish and other bioresources of Ukrainian enterprises amounted to 72,9 thousand tons, which is 5.8% less than the same indicator 2014.

In the summer of 2014 it was reported that more than 14 thousand fishermen were out of work, because Russia is not interested in Crimean varieties of fish, and the Ukrainian market is closed to them.

Ocean fishing fleet for the first time in 18 years brought Ukraine a profit of 19 million 09.02.2016

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