Occupied Yasinovataya finally quarreled «top» fighters

Funny story with the humiliating expulsion of a member of the terrorist organization «DNR» so-called «people’s Governor» Paul Gubarev from temporarily occupied by the militants of the same gangs Yasinovataya, which occurred February 2, apparently is the beginning of a serious confrontation between the leader «Dnrovcev» Alexander Zakharchenko and one of the leaders of the militant paramilitary group «East» Alexander Chodakowski.

The scandal broke out due to the fact that Zakharchenko has encroached on the estate of Khodakovsky – the small town of Yasynuvata, which is an important railway junction. It is through him from the militants-controlled certain districts of Donetsk region (ORDO) in the rest of Ukraine are the compositions of coal, according to the «Fourth power».

Therefore, the attempt to dismiss the comments of people from the leadership in Yasinovataya and replace them with loyal Zakharchenko, Gubarev has encountered resistance «Vostokova».

So, after people put Chodakowski «mayor» Yasinovataya Yuri Yanenko kicked Gubareva from the city, «people’s Governor» rather abruptly «ran» on the Comments and accused him of organizing corruption schemes related to Yasynuvata railway, and other criminal fraud. And in addition talked about the threats in his address from the white house.

The city of Yasinovataya since 2014 in fact is a feudal possession of militants from the brigade «East». The reason to hold on to the Yasinovataya the militants of the Comments there – the city is an important railway station, through which supplies of coal from the occupied ORDO in a free Ukraine. Last summer, the network has also got a video on how the militants of the «East» cut to the scrap wagons on the tracks of this station.

The importance of this site increased sharply in the period of hostilities in the Debaltsevo area when the other major railway hub in the Donetsk region stopped working. For a long time after that, the stage of Yasinovataya-Skotovataya was the only way, which carried out the railway traffic between Ukraine and areas controlled by illegal armed groups, which supports the Russian Federation.

Control Yasinovataya meant and control of coal flow. Therefore, an unspoken struggle for the junction between the two fighters – Chodakowski and Zakharchenko – started long ago, and now has moved into an acute phase. Obviously, the leader of «Dnrovcev» headed for the final squeezing of the shrew competitor, repeatedly allowed themselves to criticism in his address. It is not excluded that in the future the confrontation at all will result in street firing and the killing, as has often happened before. So, disloyal to his boss in the white house has a loyal group of thugs-«Vostokova».

In the report, prepared by the people of Khodakovsky rebellion against Gubarev was actually a revolt against a person, appointed Zakharchenko. And thus the attack against the leader of «Dnrovcev». Usually such tricks are not in vain for commanders of militants on the territory of ORDA.

Besides, one can hardly assume that the issue Yasinovataya Zakharchenko with Hodakovskiy reach a compromise solution on the example of debaltseve, which groups «DNR» and «LNR» was divided between «custom». Then the city came under the control of the Donetsk militants, and some long-distance trails through the debaltseve came under the control of «Enroute», and now the locals, moving around the city, pay to the militants of the ORDO and ARLO bribe.

We will add that according to the coordinator of group «Information Resistance» Dmitry Tymchuk, in the area of Donetsk and in the city «the Ministry of state security» «DND» began to carry out a «filtration activities». Militants linked these measures with allegedly appeared life-threatening Zakharchenko. So, terrorists prowl for the «DRG Ukrainian troops, who are ordered to eliminate the top of the «DNR».

Occupied Yasinovataya finally quarreled «top» fighters 09.02.2016

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