Occupants complain that you can’t do from the Crimea the ski resort and don’t want to build Kerch bridge

Occupied Crimea has no chance to create a ski resort.

This was stated by the so-called «Minister» of tourism and resorts of the Peninsula Sergey Strelbitsky, reports Кafanews.

«We have no chance to make the Crimea the ski resort for many reasons. And my stay in Sochi at Krasnaya Polyana, I was even more convinced of this. We have a lot of nuances related to the fact that our climate does not allow it. We have snow lies not long in the Crimea, as necessary. Another point — there is no inventory of those resources that would provide artificial snow how it’s done. This is not my personal opinion — is the opinion of experts,» said strelbitskiy.

At the same time, he noted that, for example, a winter journey through the mountains of the Crimea will give vacationers no less charge of health than skiing. Strelbitsky assured that soon tourists will be able to be alone with nature and enjoy the beauty of the Crimean mountains on a plateau AI-Petri, as already the concept of development of the territory, according to which there will be no trading of illegal constructions.

In addition, the Russian «Коммерсантъ2 citing sources in the Russian government reported that Russia decided not to repeat the failed twice the competition for the construction of the railway approach to the Kerch bridge from the occupied Crimea.

Because wanting to build a 17 billion rubles was not, in the next few days the contractor will be appointed «stroygazmontazh» (SGM), which builds the bridge itself, and therefore, allegedly, has the ability to meet cost and timing.

LLC «stroygazmontazh» is owned by a close friend of the President of the Russian Federation Arkady Rotenberg.

«After it was announced two competitions for selection of the contractor and no applications are received, the Ministry of transport appealed to the SGM a proposal to consider the construction of the object» — confirmed through his representative the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov.

«The company has the necessary resources, and I am sure they are capable of the second object associated with the bridge,» he said.

The source in the government recognizes that «the contract is extremely profitable». But, in his opinion, the SGM will be taken as «build a bridge to nowhere, obviously, no one wants».

Invaders a long time without much success and hope trying to bring to the Peninsula of Kerch bridge.

While construction was originally provided by Moscow «on economical scenario,» and proceeded very satisfactory pace. In particular, the first support of the bridge was established only a year after the start of work.

Occupants complain that you can’t do from the Crimea the ski resort and don’t want to build Kerch bridge 16.01.2017

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