Obama said the historic visit to Cuba in March

U.S. President Barack Obama intends to visit Cuba on March 21-22, said on Thursday, February 18, the White house.

«Next month I will travel to Cuba to build on our progress and efforts that will help to improve the lives of the Cuban people,» — said in a statement posted on the website of the President of the United States on Twitter.

Observers note that the visit was preceded by a series of contacts between the two countries through diplomatic channels, the opening last summer of the embassies of the two countries in the capitals, the resumption of flights between the U.S. and Cuba.

The President’s visit to Havana would be a major symbolic step in the warming of relations between the two countries, said the radio station «Voice of America», reports «Interfax».

CNN reported that after the visit to Cuba President will depart for Argentina.

According to other American media, Obama’s visit to Cuba can be timed to coincide with March 23, the signing in Havana of a final peace agreement between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia, that would end 50 years of armed conflict in the country.

In the political settlement in Colombia played a significant role Cuba, which along with Norway became a country-the guarantor of peace agreements.

In December 2014 Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro announced that Washington and Havana intend to restore diplomatic relations, broken shortly after in 1959 came to power Fidel Castro.

Recall, 20 July 2015 a radical change in U.S. policy against Cuba led to the formal restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries, which shared a half-century feud. Now in the building of state Department of the United States, the Cuban flag is set. On 1 July last year, the U.S. and Cuba have agreed to open their embassies in Havana and Washington.

At the end of last year, the U.S. President stated that he would like to visit Cuba before the end of 2016, but only if Cuba will hold certain reforms in the field of human rights and he will have the opportunity to meet with political dissidents.

Cuban authorities had no immediate comment on reports of Obama’s visit. After the December statement of the US President Havana announced that it would welcome Obama’s visit, but warned him against interfering in the internal Affairs of the country.

The last time a US President visited Cuba in 1928.

Obama said the historic visit to Cuba in March 18.02.2016

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