Obama said that does not compete with Putin in Syria

U.S. President Barack Obama said that the intervention of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the civil war in Syria has not led to a significant strengthening of its ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

About it reports Bloomberg.

«If there is someone who thinks one way or another the fight ends, because Russia and the regime scored some successes, I will remind: about three quarters of the country is under control other than Assad, people,» Obama said.

«I say this, by the way, without satisfaction. This is not a competition between me and Putin», — said the President of the United States.

Obama noted that the campaign in Syria could cost Putin dearly.

«Perhaps Putin thinks he’s ready to invest in a permanent occupation of Syria by the Russian military. It will be very expensive. If you look at the state of the Russian economy, it’s probably not the best solution for Russia,» he said.

According to Obama, more than reasonable for the Russian President to promote political transition in Syria.

Recall, February 12, the United States, Russia and other States have reached an agreement on the cessation of hostilities in the week in Syria, as well as providing immediate humanitarian access in the most disadvantaged from a humanitarian point of view the areas. The President of Syria Bashar al-Assad admitted that during the truce, the parties may use the weapon.

In turn the Syrian opposition says that any political settlement in Syria can take place only under the condition that it will not engage Assad and the most approximate to it, the figures of the current government.

Obama said that does not compete with Putin in Syria 17.02.2016

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