Obama requires Congress to decisive action against the «Islamic state»

U.S. President Barack Obama on the night of Monday, December 7, delivered an address to the nation from the Oval office. In his speech, the American leader has commented on the tragic events in San Bernardino, spoke about plans to combat terrorism on American soil, and abroad, and urged citizens not to succumb to provocations of the «Islamic state» and to be sensitive to resident Muslims. The broadcast treatment was conducted on the White house website writes NEWSru.com.

First Obama officially confirmed that the shooting at the center help people with disabilities in California was a terrorist attack. He noted that in the hiding place of the criminals were found weapons, ammunition and explosives, which proves that the attack was carefully planned. The head of state said that there are no signs pointing to possible terrorists from abroad.

Obama also said that terrorism in recent years has evolved greatly, however, expressed confidence that «victory will still be ours.» He recalled that the United States together with our close allies strike at the infrastructure of terrorists in Syria and Iraq, as well as help local soldiers in their fight with the militants.
The U.S. should not be involved in a new large-scale war in Iraq and Syria, because that is what the IG also said the American President.

According to Obama, the United States is prepared with Turkey, the introduction of more strict control over the refugees on the Turkish-Syrian border. As noted by the American leader, after the terrorist attacks in Paris that claimed the lives of 130 people, the United States dramatically increased its intelligence sharing with the EU.

Mentioned Barack Obama and Russia. Without denying the merit of the Russian Federation to combat «Islamic state», Obama recalled that when the decision of such global problems need to push any personal ambitions on the backburner and focus on the common good.

A separate part of the speech, Obama devoted towards Islam and Muslims. He noted that citizens should not succumb to the attempts of ISIS to divide the civilized society.

«ISIS have nothing to do with Islam. They are murderers, bandits. We must not forget that there are Muslims among our friends, colleagues at work. Many of them are fighting under the flag of USA and ready to give their lives for their country,» he said.

In closing, Obama appealed to Congress. He called for legislation to prohibit the sale of firearms suspected of terrorism, as well as persons, who are forbidden to Board an aircraft, to limit citizens ‘ access to advanced weapons, and to authorize the use of military force against «Islamic state». However, he stressed that in any case should not be allowed to the United States was drawn into another protracted conflict, as happened in Iraq.

American leader in February of this year has already appealed to the Congress to authorize the use of military force for a period of three years. He also was willing to drag America into «an endless war», but at the same time, such a resolution would allow if necessary to give operational orders on application against ISIS special forces.

Note that the upcoming President’s address to fellow citizens, it became known shortly after the incident in San Bernardino. Then 28-year-old Saeed Farooq and 27-year-old Tashfin Malik attacked the center help people with disabilities. They broke into the institution when there was a Christmas event for employees of the Department of health of the city, and opened fire with automatic weapons. As a result of the attack 14 people were killed and 21 were injured. The attackers were later killed during detention in one of the streets of the city.

Initially, the shooters motives were unclear, but then began to appear more and more evidence about their links with extremists. It turned out that one of the suspects in the shooting Tashfeen Malik said on social networks about the oath of allegiance to the leader of the IG Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In conversations with terrorists and participated Tashfin husband, Syed Faruk: over time, he began to adhere to radical views, which pushed him to fire on the people.

Later, the Agency Reuters with reference to the radio station of the terrorists said that the responsibility for what happened took on the «Islamic state». According to the IG, then that is the first terrorist group in the USA. Meanwhile, the shooting in San Bernardino in the country called the largest in three years by a shooting incident.

Obama requires Congress to decisive action against the «Islamic state» 07.12.2015

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