Obama met with trump and was satisfied. Spontaneous rallies continue

US leader Barack Obama called «a wonderful conversation» meeting with President-elect Donald trump, held on Thursday 10 November at the White house.

«It was a wonderful and diverse conversation. We talked about organizational issues, about foreign policy, domestic policy. As I said yesterday, my first priority in the next two months will be to ensure such a transfer of power to elected President was convinced in success,» Obama said, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

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«I’m interested in the fact that the team elected President of the trump was willing to work with my team on many issues facing our country. I believe that regardless of party affiliation or political views, we stand together in order to deal with the challenges we face,» added the US President.

In turn, as stated by trump, he looks forward to working with Obama.

«I very much hope to work with the President in the future, including on his advice,» said trump.

Earlier, Obama said that trump and his administration can count on his experience.

That billionaire Donald trump has won the US presidential election, it became known on Wednesday morning, November 9, 2016. According to recent reports, the Republican candidate received 289 votes of the members of the electoral College with the required 270, and this despite the fact that Hillary Clinton was the favorite of voters according to the vast majority of sociological research.

In a number of U.S. cities have passed mass protest actions against the election of a President trump.

In the United States again planning protests against the trump – media

Second consecutive day of protests against the elected President of the United States Donald trump is scheduled for Thursday November 10 in several major U.S. cities, reported by the Western media.

In particular, the demonstration against the planned trump in a new York Park, Union Square, while organizers called on demonstrators to join protesters in Washington, Baltimore and at the University of Wisconsin.

Demonstrations and spontaneous protests were held in several regions of the United States on Wednesday and Thursday.

Thousands of protesters gathered last night in Manhattan in new York, wykrywa the slogan: «Not our President!». In Chicago, about a thousand people tried to stage a demonstration outside belonging to the Trump hotel, Trump International Hotel, chanting: «No to Trump! No Ku Klux Klan! No to racism in the United States!».

Protests were also held in Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Portland, and other cities of the country.

Obama met with trump and was satisfied. Spontaneous rallies continue 11.11.2016

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