Obama during a brief conversation on Putin to implement the Minsk

US presidents and Russia Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin during a short meeting at the APEC summit discussed the prospects of settlement of conflicts in Ukraine and Syria. On it informs AP referring to the press service of the White house.

Putin believes that the rhetoric of trump and his policies may vary

According to the report, the leaders spoke before the opening session of the APEC summit.

«They stood back from each other together with his assistants, before they shook hands, then sat at the table. The White house said the conversation lasted four minutes,» the message reads. It is noted that the reporters present at the scene, did not hear what he was talking about leaders.

The White house said Obama urged Putin to support Russia’s obligations in the framework of the Minsk agreements.

«Obama also urged the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to continue working in initiatives with other countries to improve the situation in Syria,» the statement reads.

As reports «RIA Novosti», the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the presidents of Russia and the United States expressed regret at the lack of progress on resolving the conflict in Ukraine and agreed on the meeting of foreign Ministers of the two countries to find a solution to the Syrian problem.

«The presidents expressed regret that it was not possible to achieve progress in respect of Ukraine. However, it was stressed that the two months left (before the inauguration of the newly elected President of the United States January 20) you need to use to continue the search for the Syrian settlement. In this context, we agreed that Lavrov and Kerry will continue contacts», — said Peskov.

Putin believes that the rhetoric of trump and his policies may vary

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking about the election of a President of the United States Republican Donald trump, said that between campaign rhetoric and actual policies there is a big difference. About Putin said during a press conference on November 21.

«We are all well aware, all know that campaign rhetoric and actual policies is a big difference always in almost all countries,» Putin said.

He also said that the question about the meeting with trump was not discussed.

«The question of specific meeting with trump was not discussed, agreed to meet representatives, but it is difficult,» he said.

During the election campaign, Donald trump has repeatedly declared that will try to normalize relations with Russia in case of his election victory. He also spoke of his sympathy for the Russian President.

Recall that Donald trump even during the election campaign made a number of statements which gave grounds to the critics to talk about his Pro-Russian position. On the other hand, political analysts say that the US political system will not give one man even as President to dramatically change the country’s course.

Obama during a brief conversation on Putin to implement the Minsk 21.11.2016

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