Obama commuted the sentence for the WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning

President Barack Obama made the decision to reduce a sentence for the WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning (Bradley Manning) that this will be released on may 17, not in 2045. After the appearance of publications in the New York Times information confirmed by the press service of the White house. In addition to manning, according to Reuters, Obama has reduced the time 208 prisoners and pardoned 64 people.

Chelsea manning in 2010, Iraq was known as private Bradley manning, now had a sex change. Bradley was arrested on the spot service. In 2013, the Tribunal sentenced him to 35 years in prison for leaking secret documents about the activities of the government and American diplomats. In prison Bradley won the right to have the operation and change gender. Classified information transferred to them was published on the website WikiLeaks and made him world famous. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said earlier that he would agree to extradition to the US in exchange for a pardon manning, who is serving a long sentence in a male prison, Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. Last year, manning twice tried to commit suicide.

The NYT emphasizes that Chelsea has already served 7 years of his term and that her sentence — the most severe of all, what ever imposed in the U.S. on cases involving the leak of classified data.

WikiLeaks got from manning more than 700 thousand military and diplomatic documents. Among sent and published documents were videos of air strikes, which have killed civilians, hundreds of thousands of reports about incidents at the fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq dossier on prisoners of prison of Guantanamo and about 250 thousand of diplomatic dispatches of the U.S. Department of state.

Julian Assange lives in the Embassy of Ecuador in London since 2012. He sought asylum in the Embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden where he is suspected of crimes of a sexual nature. Assange denies all the accusations and calls them politically motivated. He fears that Sweden will deport him to the USA, where the Australian faces up to 35 years in prison or the death penalty for publication of secret documents of the state Department.

The official Twitter account of WikiLeaks was hosted on behalf of Julian Assange, in which he thanked all who asked for pardon manning, saying that their courage «made the impossible possible.»

Another well-known debunker of American secrets, Edward Snowden in his Twitter thanked not only those who sought the release of manning, but US President Barack Obama.

According to estimates of Reuters, based on the current documents Obama for eight years of his presidency, pardoned 212 people and reduced the time that was sentenced by 1385 people.

On Friday Obama leaves the White house on this day in Washington will see the inauguration of the new President of the United States billionaire Donald trump.

Obama commuted the sentence for the WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning 18.01.2017

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