Nyshchuk: decommunization is actually the Communist methods

Lack of sensitivity can lead to diametrically opposite results than those expected of of de-communization. This was told in an interview with the Minister of culture Evgeny nisoc, reports LigaBusinessInform.

«In General, the process of de-communization positive, inevitable and logical — it passed through many countries. Another thing is that in some cases there are excesses. That disappear monuments to Lenin and other stone idols is good, but there are a large number of works of art and objects of the Soviet time, which would have cost keep. Even the propaganda wing. The save format can be discussed — for example, to allocate them a separate Museum complex. Now we discuss the possibility to do such in the Kiev exhibition center», — said the Minister.

«Usually, this sculptural composition. There are monuments created by famous sculptors, have a nice mosaic work on the walls of buildings, at bus stops and train stations — not only in Kiev. I’m sorry, they often just get off and painted over. That is, decommunization is actually the Communist methods. This is the story, and not necessarily to destroy it, because you can just move to a designated area. For example, on the way to Lviv on the track was very challenging from a technical point of view and quality — from the point of view of art — object «the Monument to the soldiers of the First cavalry army», the sculptors of which he became laureates of the State prize them. T. G. Shevchenko. He was hanging over the road, and now there’s just the metal skeleton, the monument was completely dismantled for scrap, but I think that it was necessary to keep» — gave an example of Nisoc.

«In this context, I initiated Ukraine’s accession as an observer to the agreement of the Council of Europe cultural routes. One of these routes is called «Ways of totalitarianism.» And not just countries that are United in this route — Romania, Czech Republic and others, think together and find new ways of representation of heritage of the totalitarian regime. This includes buildings and monuments, and entire city areas. There are excesses and points of view of de-communization on TV. For example, in the prohibitions on the movie of the Soviet period. Indeed, in a number of films starred actors that are either signed some collective anti-Ukrainian letters or spoken out publicly — in a word, once lit not on our side in the Ukrainian-Russian war. For example, there are episodes of «twist of fate». But many of these films were made over 30 years ago — the actors looked different, and the characters, frankly, in the minds of people living separate from the actors who played their lives. Besides, to put it mildly, not premiere, and with the current development of the Internet, anyone easily downloaded anything,» continued the Minister.

«That’s why we are now in the process of creation of the interdepartmental Commission of security service of Ukraine, the national Council on television and in the public sector in order to resolve certain things that were originally crudely designed. Of course, we don’t have to flirt with Soviet nostalgia — this time, thankfully. went to the same — there is a war. But the lack of tact and cutting off the shoulder can lead to diametrically opposite results than those that we expect from de -«, — summed up the Nidoc.

We will remind, on may 21, 2015 entered into force the law on prohibition of propaganda of Communist and national socialist (Nazi) regime, and their symbolism in Ukraine.

As of the end of December 2016 Ukraine was renamed 987 settlements and more than 51 thousand of streets, squares, parks in the course of de-communization. Was also dismantled 2389 monuments and memorials, including the 1320 — established in honor of Lenin.

Nyshchuk: decommunization is actually the Communist methods 19.01.2017

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