Nye: SBU refused to provide witness protection Solomatina

The national Agency for prevention of corruption has refused to provide reasons for the dismissal of the former Director of the Department of financial control and monitoring of the lifestyle of officials of Anna Solomatina, who discovered corruption within the NACP. This was reported by nsaw the Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko Moustapha Nayem in Facebook.

«NACP refused to provide copies of documents of dismissal Solomatina, citing the confidentiality of the data. After yesterday’s celebration of openness and opening agents of NABOO, of course, the height of absurdity. I asked for the health card of Mrs. Solomatina, not her home address or credit card number, and a copy of the dismissal order and the grounds on which it was signed. In response, the head of the NACP Natalia Korchak offered to come in NACP independently and to sign the obligation not to disclose information,» he said.

The MP added that he is going to go to the office to see the order. He also recalled that Solomatina in his evidence clearly pointed to the involvement of offenses current employee of the security Service and the presidential administration, but the case was transferred to the SBU.

«The security service refused to provide witness protection», he concluded.


Nye: SBU refused to provide witness protection Solomatina 02.12.2017

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