Nye: «movement novih forces» will remain in the camp. The rest of the participants to deliver their forces and means

Party «movement novih forces» will continue to protest in the tent city under the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and the rest of the protesters will achieve results by other methods. About this Facebook said the MP from the Bloc Poroshenko Mustafa Nayem.

«Leadership must be not only in the appropriation of the results of the struggle, but the courage to admit mistakes, to change the form of struggle and continue to move regardless of the circumstances… We will not abandon our demands and continue to pursue them. One of our partners, «movement novih forces,» he decided to stay with the people in the camp and to continue the protest. The rest of the participants will continue to achieve results on their own forces and means», – Nayem wrote.

He said that of the three demands of the protesters «concrete steps have been taken» only on the withdrawal of immunity.

«The bill on parliamentary immunity sent to constitutional Court. After a month or two, the law should return to the Parliament and adopted at the next session. With regard to new laws on elections, we were able to get Parliament for the first time in three years to undertake their review. We must change the electoral rules at the current session. In any case, the question to break the deadlock,» – said the politician.

According to him, regarding the third requirement – the creation of the anti-corruption court «a complete failure».

«The President refused to submit to the Parliament the draft law on the anti-corruption court. The head of state was the only politician who not only ignored our action and neglected its requirements. We demand that the President immediately submit the relevant document on the basis of bill No. 6011, subject to the conclusions of the Venice Commission,» said Nye.

He announced a trip to the regions of Ukraine.

«The first three cities are Kherson, Nikolayev and Odessa», – said the Deputy.


Nye: «movement novih forces» will remain in the camp. The rest of the participants to deliver their forces and means 19.10.2017

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