Novinsky: Yes, I have always had good relations with Lutsenko! It could be wrong with me

The relations of the people’s Deputy from the Opposition bloc Vadim Novinsky with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko «has always been good.» This is Novinsky stated in the author’s program of Dmitry Gordon on the channel «112 Ukraine».

Answering the question why he had a bad relationship with Lutsenko, Novinsky said, «Who said that I have a bad relationship?»

«Yes, I have they have always been good. It could be wrong with me… And I of all people calmly and with dignity,» – said the MP.

Novinsky: For what Poroshenko called me a bitch the Orthodox do not know, but whoever called, the adjective «Orthodox» – that’s good. Read the full interview

6 December 2017 Lutsenko said that the criminal proceedings against Novinsky nearing transfer to court.

November 3, 2016, the attorney General made a submission to Parliament on the lifting of parliamentary immunity with Novinsky. He is suspected of abuse of power and official authority at the unlawful imprisonment of Archbishop Alexander drabinko. The MP said he believes the case is «politically motivated.»

November 16, Lutsenko said that there is evidence against the Deputy. But the regulatory Committee did not support the decision on deprivation of parliamentary immunity Novinsky and appealed to the Prosecutor General with a request to provide additional material and explanations. In response, Lutsenko noted that the provision of some documents in the case Novinsky violates the secrecy of the investigation.

28 Dec 2016 the Verkhovna Rada has allowed to attract Novinsky to criminal liability. The decision was supported by 228 MPs.

Novinsky: Yes, I have always had good relations with Lutsenko! It could be wrong with me 09.01.2018

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