Novinsky «roof» of political forces, considers Lutsenko

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko spoke strongly against political «protection» in the case of Vadim Novinsky. He declared in the comment «Ukrainian truth» on Thursday.

«I do believe «protection» is invalid, and in the case of Yanukovych – more», – said Lutsenko.

At the same time, the attorney General did not want to name the political forces or people who, in his opinion, the «roof» Novinsky.

However, according to the newspaper, received from interlocutors in the factions of the coalition, a decision that the Committee adopted an opinion on the performance Lutsenko, was accepted by the leaders of the two political forces: the PPO and «popular front».

At the same time on Wednesday, during a break in the work of the regulatory Committee the head of Committee Pavel Pynzenyk and Secretary Dmitry Lubinets multiple times with different papers came in and went out from the office, where the decisions of the Committee were waiting for the attorney General Lutsenko.

The procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada at a meeting on Wednesday deferred the question of removing the parliamentary immunity of representative of the «Opposition bloc» Vadim Novinsky, which appears in the criminal case of pressure on the Church.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said that the Committee, in making this decision, is trying to shift responsibility to the state office of public Prosecutor.

Fraction «Samopomich» November 17, proposed to vote on the issue of removal of inviolability from Novinsky without the recommendation of the Committee.

Novinsky «roof» of political forces, considers Lutsenko 17.11.2016

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