Novinsky: Akhmetov is my friend and partner. I am proud to call myself his friend

The MP from the Opposition bloc Vadim Novinsky in the program author founder of the edition «GORDON» Dmytro Gordon on the channel «112 Ukraine» called the Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov as its friend and partner.

«Rinat Akhmetov is my friend and partner, I am proud to call myself his friend. It is a true patriot of Donbass and Ukraine, noble, honest and very decent man. Very much of what they say in the media about Akhmetov – not true. In serious for Donbass times he helped people abandoned it to the mercy of fate our Kiev authorities. His Foundation has saved countless lives,» said Novinsky.

The MP added that Akhmetov called a man of his word.

«I said: honest, noble in deeds, a man with a huge heart who is very sensitive to the pain of others. However, he is passionate about football – we all know this. He also belongs to the phrase «you Can take my heart, but not the Donetsk «Shakhtar». That’s his love, his passion. He is a real patriot of Donbass again. Did, does and will do everything to ensure that residents of Donbass lived happily ever after, and all the inhabitants of Ukraine», – he said.

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Akhmetov is the richest Ukrainian. Forbes estimates his fortune at $4.7 billion.

In July 2014, the company Akhmetov’s SCM and «Smart-holding» Novinsky announced the completion of the merger of their metals and mining assets into the joint company Metinvest B. V., which lasted from 2007. It was reported that 10 members of the Supervisory Board of Metinvest B. V. seven members will be appointed from CCM and three from the «Smart-Holding».

Novinsky: Akhmetov is my friend and partner. I am proud to call myself his friend 09.01.2018

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