Novinskiy: I pray at least twice a day, morning and evening – before meals and after

The MP from the Opposition bloc Vadim Novinsky broadcast program author founder of the publication «GORDON» Dmytro Gordon on the channel «112 Ukraine» said that praying twice a day.

«You can’t talk about it, flaunt it… Minimum two times, morning and evening. Well, again, before meal and after,» – said the Deputy.

Novinsky said that he converted to Christianity at the age of 26.

«My parents are not baptized: it was the 63rd year when I was born, and was just the next stage of the struggle with the Church, Khrushchev said that in 20 years we will see the last priest. But I always some attraction to religion felt. Once baptized, was not a Church man, but a friend of mine invited to go with him to Optina Pustyn monastery is in the Kaluga region, its many people know heard about the Optina elders Optina saints… I said, «what is it?» He says: «the Monastery». «Well, let’s go,» said the politician.

According to him, he stayed there for four days and returned «a different person».

«And when he was among the monks kept thinking: where am I? What they pray constantly? Sit down to eat – prayer, parapatrically – prayer, get up in the morning – prayer, evening fall – prayer… Where am I, what am I doing here? But when I went there, arrived at the airport, I realized that my life has changed. Looking at the world and understood: something here not so. Felt the internal change», – Novinsky told.

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Novinskiy: I pray at least twice a day, morning and evening – before meals and after 09.01.2018

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