Novinskiy: I have always believed that it is not man made money, God gave

The MP from the Opposition bloc Vadim Novinsky broadcast program author founder of the publication «GORDON» Dmytro Gordon on the channel «112 Ukraine» said that he considers himself a wealthy man.

«I don’t know what is «rich», I am a person provided. But billionaire or not… I never read what they write in magazines. Now difficult to assess, because the assets on the territory of Ukraine is subject to enormous risk. This, incidentally, is one of the consequences of the Maidan, that the economy fell several levels down and, accordingly, the capitalization of the country, because nobody will invest there, where you can select something. Where again will be another revolution, any new confrontation…» – said the politician.

He believes that the richest man is one who is «content with what he has».

«I consider myself a person secured, and with regard to wealth… you Have to be rich with virtues, spiritual life, a generosity to others. Here is what you should aspire to,» said Novinsky.

According to him, he tries not to talk about their involvement in philanthropy.

«Right hand should not know what the left is doing, as the Lord said. If you did something and talk about it all, what use is that? I have always believed that it is not man made money or got something, thanks to his talents, that God gave. And who have been given more than others, and special demand. You look like you’re in charge, you are helping people or wasting their money only to some their instincts to satisfy,» said the Deputy.

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Former Russian businessman Novinsky received the Ukrainian passport from President Viktor Yanukovych on June 1, 2012 and stated that he refused from the Russian citizenship. In April 2016, President Petro Poroshenko has instructed the State migration service to check the legality of granting Ukrainian citizenship Novinsky.

According to the Ukrainian Forbes, Novinsky in 2017, was in third place in the ranking of the richest Ukrainian deputies and officials.

Novinskiy: I have always believed that it is not man made money, God gave 09.01.2018

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