Novikov: the interrogation of Savchenko in court is scheduled for February 1

The defense Ukrainian pilots Nadezhda Savchenko completes the presentation of its evidence in court, said her lawyer Ilya Novikov.

«Actually we’re just finishing up. The coming week will give the testimony of the last 4 defence witnesses, and on 1 February, Nadezhda herself. That’s all,» — wrote Novikov in his microblog on Twitter on Monday, January 25.

He noted that the court of Donetsk of the Rostov region has prepared the schedule for February on the case Savchenko. According to this schedule, the hearing may be 1, 3, 4, 8, 10, 15, 17, 18, 24, 25 and 29 February.

Earlier, Savchenko’s sister Vera said that the advocates of the plan Hope to finish in court until mid-February, and then we should wait for the verdict.

Recall Savchenko on hunger strike since December 17. Due to low blood sugar, the Hope was administered glucose intravenously. To refuse such a protest is not going to. It demands a fair trial and return to Ukraine.

In mid-December the court extended the arrest Savchenko until April 16. After that, she in protest went on hunger strike. Savchenko’s lawyers say their client has lost over 15 pounds of weight. On 14 January it was reported that Russian court admitted the examination take video Savchenko captured. But a Russian court refused to examine video footage of the detention Savchenko.

Previously one of her lawyers mark Feigin said that Savchenko sentence can bear in February.

Novikov: the interrogation of Savchenko in court is scheduled for February 1 25.01.2016

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