Novikov: Option «silent return» of Ukrainians without pardon by Putin personally, and share out today

Convicted in Russia Ukrainian Stanislav Klich, according to the latest information, is in the hospital in Magnitogorsk. This was announced by Russian lawyer Ilya Novikov on his page in Facebook.

He noted that the diagnosis of a Ukrainian prisoner and the reason he was transferred to the hospital, relatives are not officially reported.

«Valentin vygovskyy is in prison in the Kirov region. He was the first from the list of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia, which Ukraine performed all the necessary procedures to transfer its Russia within the framework of execution of the sentence. A court in Kiev was in February, all documents then went to Moscow. The Russian Ministry of justice, these materials are just put on the shelf, didn’t even hold him for hearings. Informally I was told that there is a setting not to give the Ukrainians, because Ukraine does not give the Russian (it’s not true, actually gives). Thus, the option «quiet return» without pardon by Putin personally and of exchange, on which was some hope, for today not working», – said the lawyer.

He added that Alexei Chirny is a month in prison regular prison regime (EPKT, «a single cell-type premises»).

«He was transferred there in July with a General regime for made-up violations. Alexei was supposed to end the quarantine and it should have been attached to the permanent unit, the other information about it yet. Mykola Karpyuk in the prison regime contains from the very beginning. Andrew Sahay recently filed additional charges,» continued Novikov.

The lawyer said that over the past year for the release of Ukrainian political prisoners has done nothing that would give visible results.

«Just another year passed. The diplomats monitor the situation and help to maintain contact thanks to them, this is the most valuable that is. Minsk contact group regularly raises the question. SBU expel Kurbatov (a journalist of the Russian «First channel» Anna Kurbatov. – «GORDON»), «–wrote Novikov.

Novikov: Option «silent return» of Ukrainians without pardon by Putin personally, and share out today 30.08.2017

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