«Not ready to accept such a high risk.» The head of Rothschild CIS, told about trying to sell Roshen

All the stakeholders have refused purchases of Roshen Corporation related to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, because of the high risk and the Ukrainian-Russian crisis. In an interview with «Ukrainian truth» said the managing Director of the banking house of Rothschild CIS Giovanni Salvetti.

According to him, the banking house of Rothschild contacted all the major world players in this sector.

«We need to realize that only global players can afford to buy such a large company, the cost of which in normal market conditions will be of the order of several billion dollars,» said Salvetti.

He added that all potential buyers were indifferent to this possibility. «Ukrainian-Russian crisis was at its peak, and its development was unpredictable, especially at that time. In fact, all stakeholders have informed us that they are ready to take on such high risk and politely refused,» – said the Director of the banking house of Rothschild in the CIS.

According to Him, «they all liked the company, but the context for them was too risky, and the transaction they were not ready.»

The head of the Rothschild in the CIS also stated that the transfer of the shares Poroshenko Roshen in a «blind trust» is the only working option.

«This decision was the best alternative to the international practices for such situations», concluded Him.

Roshen confectionery Corporation was created by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in 1996. It is composed of two confectionery factory in Vinnitsa, factories in Kyiv, Kremenchuk and Lipetsk (Russia), Klaipeda confectionery factory in Lithuania, Hungarian company Bonbonetti Choco Kft, and maslomolochny plant», Bershadmoloko» (Vinnitsa region). During the election campaign in 2014, Poroshenko promised to sell the company if he becomes President.

After winning the election for the sale of Roshen company was invited Rothschild. However, just to make a deal and failed. Poroshenko explained that this is due to the beginning of hostilities in the East of Ukraine. According to the President, assets Roshen him are not controlled, they are controlled by a «blind trust».

«Not ready to accept such a high risk.» The head of Rothschild CIS, told about trying to sell Roshen 13.12.2017

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