Norway’s air force for the first time headed woman

The Ministry of defence of Norway has announced the appointment of Tony Skinnarland the new commander of the air force of the country. For the first time in this position made a woman. About it reports The Local.

The appointment of 49-year-old major-General Skinnarland coincided with the beginning of the modernization of the Norwegian air force, in particular, replacing the Park’s old F-16 fighters to modern F-35S.

Skinnarland was the acting head of the air force after her predecessor died in October last year.

Skinnarland nearly three decades he served in the army — not as a pilot – her appointment is considered as a new milestone on the road to gender parity.

Since the beginning of 1990-ies in the Norwegian army women served as fighter pilots, helicopter pilots and submarine commanders.

Military service is obligatory for both sexes in Norway last year, which is a unique case for a country-member of NATO. But due to the limited number of places in the army select only the most motivated.

Note, in 2016, Norway for the first time since the Second world war agreed to allow into its territory of foreign troops.

Norway’s air force for the first time headed woman 31.01.2017

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