Norway completely abandoned FM radio

C 11 January 2017 Norway relinquishes FM/AM radio. To listen to the radio in the centre of Oslo, by the end of the year will need to include a digital receiver, and in the town of Bodo FM radio will give only noise today, writes «Popular mechanics».

Refusal to FM radio in Norway, began talking five years ago; in 2015, was scheduled. Residents given two years to acquire the digital receivers, motorists — on mounting adapters, and public radio NRK and its 22 radio stations — to have to figure all the transmitters.

As noted, the benefits of DAB (Digital audobroadcasting) are, first and foremost, the cost of maintaining the equipment (the government expects to save 200 million kronor), and the peculiarities of wave propagation. The rugged topography of Norway is often prevent the passage of the FM signal and the digital signal after passing over the fjords and hills can restore it in the repeater.

The digital radio signal is a modulated radio wave, the vibrations which convey the vibrations of the sound waves, and binary code. Therefore, the digital signal, unlike analog, it is possible to a certain value of the ratio signal/noise fully recover. Strengthen the same analog signal only with noise.

However, according to opinion polls, the rejection analog radio supports less than 17% of the population. This is partly due to the fact that digital receivers are much more expensive than usual.

Recall Ukraine for that year, trying to switch to digital television.

Norway completely abandoned FM radio 12.01.2017

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