North Korea threatened Japan’s «nuclear clouds»

North Korea called Japan’s support for sanctions against her «suicide». This was reported by North Korean state Agency KCNA.

The Agency said that in recent years representatives of the Japanese government «frenzy in the fierce machinations» against the DPRK.

«The hype with sanctions and suppression of the DPRK by Japan, exacerbating the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, is suicide, phryganeidae nuclear clouds on the Japanese Islands. No one can know at what point the situation will turn into a nuclear war. But if lit the fuse of a nuclear war, then in a moment she will break out in the Japanese Islands. It’s too obvious truth», – stated in the message.

KCNA said that Japanese politicians should «seriously think about the consequences,» before «willing to benefit from the deterioration of the situation on the Korean Peninsula and to act unwisely».

Since 2006, North Korea has produced six nuclear weapons tests. Last September 3 of this year. Over the past two months she has conducted several ballistic missiles.

August 29, the North Korean ballistic missile «And 12» flew over Japan and also fell in the Pacific ocean. DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN called it «the first step in military operations in the Pacific ocean».

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the DPRK’s actions – «an unprecedented threat to the nation.»

The UN Security Council on 11 September adopted a resolution on toughening of sanctions against North Korea by selecting the ban on exports of North Korean textiles as well as hard limits on supply the country of petroleum products, particularly crude oil and condensates.

September 15 at 6.57 am local time (0.57 Kyiv) North Korea launched a ballistic missile in a North-easterly direction. The rocket flew over the Japanese island of Hokkaido and fell into the Pacific ocean at a distance of about 2 thousand km on East from Hokkaido.

In Japan the behavior of North Korea called «provocative» and «strictly unacceptable».

North Korea threatened Japan’s «nuclear clouds» 04.10.2017

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