Nominees will choose the party with a low rating – Karasev

At the next election to the Verkhovna Rada mazhoritarshchik will choose the party-middle peasants with a minimum of disapproval, such as «Our land» and DILL. Such opinion in the comment «RBC-Ukraine» said political analyst Vadim Karasev.

«An important indicator when choosing a member of the party is not so much the level of sympathy of the people to the political party, as its rating among the population. The minimum rating just for the parties of the middle peasants. So the bet is on «Our land» and DILL – this is a realistic plan for MPs, who want to be «fathers» of their districts, not one convocation,» – said Karasev.

He added that, ideally, a «political umbrella» for member must provide to the representative of the region political autonomy in the district, protection of administrative resources and the scandals associated with the political leader of the party.

«Such parties mobilized under the regular election in the United communities, they are testing a new technology, they are in constant dialogue and voter and with the current rating. And the majoritarians as the «County fathers» will only reinforce the positions of these political forces its rating on the ground,» he concluded.

The next parliamentary elections in Ukraine should take place in autumn 2019.

Nominees will choose the party with a low rating – Karasev 29.03.2018

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